Interview: Vanderbilt's Jermaine Beal

VandyMania recently talked with Jermaine Beal. Beal is a freshman point guard from DeSoto, Texas who is seeing increased playing time for the Commodores.

Don Yates: How's it going Dolla Beal?
Jermaine Beal: It's going good. We're just trying to win every game we can, I guess.

DY: How's your first year of college going?
JB: It's It's going good. I'm getting used to it. A couple things I have to adjust to like school and ball. It's going good.

DY: What is your major, have you decided yet?
JB: No, I haven't decided yet.

DY: What kind of things are you interested in other than basketball and girls (laughs)?
JB: I like hanging out. You said girls (laughs). Chill. I like to rap sometimes. Just like different stuff, just having fun basically.

DY: Been to any movies lately?
JB: No, I haven't been out much lately. I've been watching like old DVDs lately. I like to watch comedy suspense type movies and sometimes I like to watch Kung Fu movies.

DY: Those old Jackie Chan movies?
JB: Yeah, those old Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee type movies.

DY: How did you get the nickname Dolla Beal?
JB: Everybody asks me that. I guess my dad had it first. Then my AAU teammates were like, "Hey, Dolla Beal" and than everybody on my high school team called me that too.

DY: So when did you first hear from Vandy? I know you signed over a year ago but how long before you actually committed were you recruited by Vandy?
JB: I think I heard from Vandy like in the middle of my junior year. Coach Jackson called and I looked into Vanderbilt. I knew that I was going to be here and I'm here now so hey.

DY: So how do you feel, I know everybody wants to play more in the game, but you started the first couple of games and then Alex came in your place.
JB: Yeah, I started the first two games and I didn't do too much so coach said he was going to start Red. He said he didn't want to put too much pressure on me. It's cool; the team's winning right now and that's all that matters.

DY: I see you are getting more and more time. Against Georgia you played a lot of minutes and had a nice 3 and a couple other good shots.
JB: For the Georgia game the coach felt like I was playing better and he just played me more. He thought I would be more effective on the defensive end.

DY: Yeah, I was looking at the steal stats and despite your minutes you are one of the top stealers on the teams. You're a thief man (laughs).
JB: (laughs) I try to steal balls like when I can. I have quick hands. If the ball is out there and I see it I'm going to reach for it. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't but most of the time I might get it. Top Stories