Five minutes with Christina Wirth

VandyMania recently spoke to Christina Wirth before a Commodore practice. Wirth is a sophomore guard/forward from Mesa, Ariz. who is the team's third leading scorer (11.4 ppg).

Don Yates: How's the season been coming along?
Chistina Wirth: It's been going alright, we are like 21-4 so it's not bad. Right now we are just trying to finish out the SEC schedule strong.

DY: You are originally from Arizona, right?
CW: Yes.

DY: Now why didn't you end up at Arizona or Arizona State?
CW: I actually knew when I started the recruiting process that was like my one criteria; that I didn't want to stay in-state. So those were actually pretty easy to rule out. I wanted to get away from home and just kind of have that experience. I lived in Arizona all my life and I was ready to get away.

DY: So how did your parents feel about that?
CW: (laughs) I have an older sister who plays in Florida (Barry College); she's a senior this year, so they had already gone through that once before. They accepted it.

DY: You seem to be doing pretty well this year. Like at Kentucky, you were the leading scorer; I think you had 14 points.
CW: I don't know. Obviously there is a lot of attention on Dee, Carla and Caroline so I get some looks that I wouldn't get otherwise if we didn't have such great players on our team.

DY: When did you first start playing basketball.
CW: I think I was probably about 5. I played lots of sports growing up and then when I was about 10 I decided to just do basketball. My family just really likes sports. My dad played professional baseball. I always played with my older sister on teams. I thought I'd give each sport a try and then find my favorite.

DY: The Tennessee's and Duke's, it's easy to get up for games like that. How do you keep focused when you play teams that are not as successful? How do you get yourself in the frame of mind that these guys can beat us we'd better be on our toes?
CW: I think that we all kind of know that know how important each game is, especially in the SEC. We lost to Ole Miss, Georgia and Tennessee so we understand that these kinds of games will really mean something towards the end of the season especially when we are looking at seeding for the SEC tournament and NCAA tournament. So we know that and then again the coaches always keep us focused. They say, if we have a great win, "alright you can enjoy this until tomorrow and then lets get back to business," so they do a good job of keeping us grounded and focused.

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