Foster talks Florida, Noah, MSU and more

Vanderbilt junior Shan Foster spoke to the media on Monday about a variety of subjects including the Florida game, the Noah-Stallings incident, the upcoming Mississippi State game and more.

Media: What was it like for you on Saturday?
Shan Foster: For us to go out there and play #1 team in country in our gym and come out victorious is a great experience. It's great being a part of history like that.

Media: Is that the one that got you in the tournament?
SF: No, we try not to look at it that way. We look at every game as an opportunity to go out and perform and do better. At the end of the season when the committee sits down they'll make the decision.

Media: What about the bedlam at the end? There's a possibility of a fine for the university. What was it like for you?
SF: It was great for me. I was here my freshman year when they rushed the court after the Wichita State game and it was a great experience then. We definitely understand why the rules are in effect, we don't want anyone to get hurt or anything like that. But by the same token it's a great aspect of college basketball; it's great fun.

Media: How fulfilling was it for you to have both you and Derrick having big games on a national stage?
SF: We knew coming in the game that we'd both have to come out and give a total effort. In order to beat a team like Florida you are going to have to have all your dogs running at the same time. Everybody on the team that got in the game contributed and everybody did their job and we got the job done and we had a lot of fun doing it.

Media: Defensively is that as good of two periods as you guys have put together all year, making sure Horford and Noah weren't getting things down low.
SF: That was definitely one of the biggest keys coming into this game, putting together 40 minutes of basketball. They are obviously the #1 team in the country and they are going to make runs and going to do what they do. We did a good job of containing them for the most part and that paid dividends for us.

Media: What about this week with Mississippi State what do you think heading into that one?
SF: They are a great team. They are on a run right now and playing well, especially at home. They have arguably one of the best big men in the country in Charles Rhodes. We know they are going to be ready to play and we are going to prepare ourselves for two days to go down there and have a dog fight.

Media: Is there enough maturity in that locker room to put Florida behind you?
SF: Well definitely. One of the things we talk about all the time is the most important thing is after a game, win or lose, is how you respond to it. In the SEC you play two games a week. You got to come out every Wednesday and Saturday and bring it. If you don't bring it then you'll get beat. We realize that and look forward to another opportunity to get another victory.

Media: What did you think of Coach Stallings feistiness there with the basketball?
SF: [laughter]Coach is a very competitive guy and he is not going to let anyone show him up at any time. That's pretty much it, Coach Stallings did what he thought was necessary and the whole team supports him in whatever he does.

Media: What would you have done if you were in a similar situation and Coach Donovan had grabbed the loose ball at the other end?
SF: I would have just waited until the referee took control of it. I'm not one to bring attention to myself. Top Stories