Corbin, Price comment on #1 ranking

Vanderbilt baseball achieved a number one ranking for the first time in the program's history yesterday. Vanderbilt head coach Tim Corbin and All-American pitcher David Price spoke to the media.

Media: Well are you going to downplay this coach or actually be excited?
Tim Corbin: Yeah, I have to say that we probably won't talk about it because we are not much better than last week, just three wins better. Ultimately our goal is just to be there at the end.

Media: What does it mean to you though to have a number one team here at Vanderbilt that hasn't had one since 1993?
Tim Corbin: To be honest with you I really didn't give it too much thought because I knew it was something that is nice when you first see it but outside of that it drives ticket sales and helps in recruiting. I do mean this when I say it, we won't talk about it with the kids. We didn't talk about it last week when we were ranked three or four. I just think that it helps probably the kids confidence a little bit but as far as knowing where their roots are from you can be assured that they'll understand that.

Media: Can you talk a little bit about the process of building the program here?
Tim Corbin: I think you step foot in here and just see more seats being added and facilities being added. . . and what can be done if you can put in the hard work and the benefits from that. Our goal is still to get to the SEC Tournament and that has to be first and foremost because that allows you to play deeper into the season and that really won't change. I think winning in Houston obviously helped because that gave the guys a jumpstart on the season. We are going to take this and run with it as far as it will go.

Media: Tim obviously for someone to rank you number one they have to be paying attention. Maybe they are a little closer to this program than they used to be. What does that say in itself that people are actually just looking and thinking that Vanderbilt should be considered this way?
Tim Corbin: Yeah, that's nice. The first publication, Collegiate Baseball, it's out in Arizona. That's good to see. It's good I guess from a nationwide perspective of us being in that limelight, I guess from a recruiting stand point. That's how I look at it to get the attention of the people that we are recruiting nationally.

Media: When you are recruiting do you mention that, do you say, "Hey, did you see collegiate baseball?"
Tim Corbin: No, but the kids do. The kids are on to everything now, especially with the internet and they are plugged in so they see it. It's better than the first year maybe calling up and saying, "we have more than just a medical school. We have a baseball team." Now you get that in and that's something you are looking for with the kids now days.

Media: Did you think something like this was possible when you came here and took this job?
Tim Corbin: Yeah, I want something like this to be possible at the end of the year but I don't think anyone who steps foot into a college coaching baseball career doesn't think that they can't attain everything that want to or at least dream about so I've always thought this was possible for these kids.

Media: Anything you guys are want to talk about as a group, guys are going to talk amongst themselves, are you going to downplay that; do you not want them to talk about this?
Tim Corbin: They won't say anything to me and I won't say anything to them other than, "that's fine, that's nice but lets get over that and move on to the next thing," because anything can be taken away from you. . . My job as a coach is to make these kids realize what their potential is and their potential is far greater than what we've played up to this point. I've always told them that to be a National Championship team you have to continue to improve throughout the season. Just because someone writes something on a piece of paper that signifies that you are a number one or number two team means absolutely nothing. You have to put throughout the season.

Media: You guys are going to have a target on your back for a change.
Tim Corbin: I think anyone that is put in that perspective does have a target, it just comes with the territory. If you are a Duke in basketball or whatever the program is, if you are a 1, 2, 3 or 4, it just give additional incentive to anyone else. That's fine and you have to just take everyone's best shot. I'd rather have it that way than looking up. At some point I wanted to get this program into the national limelight, we still have a ways to go but this is a start but.

Media: Does having the pressure of being the hunted team maybe help you down the road, for getting to Omaha for instance?
Tim Corbin: We are just not one of those teams. There is a certain class of team that goes to Omaha and it's the same teams that get there every year and we are just not one of those teams yet. We are still on the outside looking in, we are trying to get into that house but the door is very much locked and we've got to find a way to break the lock and we haven't done that yet. That is the goal and that's a very tough goal and these kids don't know that yet, they have no idea of how to get there. Hopefully we get a chance to get there at some point. That means taking care of business on Wednesday and taking care of business on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But our goal is to get there and these kids have no idea how it is done but they are starting to learn.

Media: You said last week that you'd rather have you hand slammed in the door than be number one. Why did you say that?
Tim Corbin: I just didn't feel like that was necessary at this point. I don't think that getting my hand slammed in a car door is necessary at this point either but I think that my feeling at that point was not what I really wanted for my team and I still probably think that way. We still have a long way to go.

Media: You came from a very successful program at Clemson. I'm assuming they were number 1 once or twice. Is your approach to handling number one here influenced by how it was done there?
Tim Corbin: We were number one for 16 straight weeks my first year there and then when we got beat for the first time in 24 tries the team celebrated when they beat us. You kind of get used to that a little bit. I think being ranked number one was nothing really new for a Clemson program, they were quite used to it, it was just something that went with the territory. I think they liked being ranked number one, they enjoyed it but they backed it up too.

Media: Do you look at it from the perspective that "hey, no one stays number one but if we can be in the top 5 at the end of the season, we'll be looking good?"
Tim Corbin: I would probably like to do that. If we were a top five in July I'd take that. Now I'd want be number one at the end of the year but to be in that mix at the end of the regular season we'd love to be there.

David Price

Media: In you wildest dreams when you came here, I know you knew the team was on the upswing, did you ever think you'd be ranked number one in the nation?
David Price: Yes, we expect success. We don't expect to come out here and be a number two or number three or number four team in the nation. We expect to be number one. That's just goes along with the way we practice, we feel like we practice harder than anyone in the nation. We work out harder and train harder than anyone the nation so we expect to be number one.

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