Alex Gordon talks MSU/Gators

He's a native Floridian and he's glad the fans rushed the court on Saturday. He's also ready to face the Mississippi State Bulldogs tonight in Starkville. Listen to Gordon's comments on Florida and Mississippi State.

Media: How did if feel on Saturday to beat the #1 team?
Gordon: It was a great game. We had a great crowd and it was just a great win, just unexplainable.

Media: The Gators might beg to differ in terms of great crowd, especially the way that game ended.
Gordon: Yeah, most definitely. Our crowd, our gym is a hostile environment and it showed Saturday. Our fans are great; they gave us momentum at times. They rushed the court at the end, which was great to me; I liked it.

Media: Have you been in a situation like that where you've been the opponent trying to get off the court?
Gordon: Not yet, not yet. I say not yet because we still have a lot more games to go. I think it more of as you grow and as you get higher in the rankings and polls. Teams try to rush the court when they play top teams. Hopefully we can get that status.

Media: Do you kind of feel for the Gators?
Gordon: Yeah somewhat, but no, it's a competitive game we just wanted to win.

Media: What was a lasting image for you of the big upset?
Gordon: Probably when Jermaine threw the ball up at the end and the fans rushing the court was amazing.

Media: You guys go from unranked to 17th. Was there some significance in that achievement?
Gordon: Yeah, somewhat, we was ranked earlier. It's just like one of those things where you still have to take every game one by one because you could easily fall out by the next loss. We have four games left and we want to take each of these games one by one and make some momentum.

Media: Did you guys start talking about turning in your resumes at all? Was that maybe the final piece last Saturday?
Gordon: No, not really. Because I always like to go back and remember when we were 1-3 so we just want to use this as momentum to continue to build and never get content.

Media: To win like that is one of the things the country sees and they think, "Hey, Vanderbilt must be pretty good," and they may not have heard much about you guys. But does a win like that, now that the people are talking about you, make you know what you knew about yourselves already.
Gordon: Oh, yes. That's the sixth ranked team we've beaten so I'm sure teams know that we are pretty good. Like I said before we just have to continue to build and continue to stay humble.

Media: Being a native Floridian how does it feel now knowing you are going to go home next time with this?
Gordon: Feels good. I'm 1-5 against them and it feels good to get that first win against them. They are a good team and I don't take anything from them.

Media: So how do you feel now approaching the Mississippi State game? Are you able to put this behind you?
Gordon: Yes, definitely. We put this behind us yesterday (Sunday). Mississippi State is playing their best ball right now. We just have to go in and have two days of good practice and go down there with our game plan and execute it. Top Stories