Pete's Pigskin Prognostications- Week 2

Pete Fox returns to VandyMania for the 2002 football season. Pete, winner of several VandyMania predict the winner contests, shares his knowledge with college football fans.

Pete's Pigskin Prognostications 

Last Week 9-2: Season 9-2 

Typical first week of SEC football. Some played better than expected, some played worse. UK was my biggest surprise. 

As usual, I'm just picking winners, the spreads are included for you edification. (Home team Bold type.) 

Mississippi (-9) vs. Memphis - Another no problem team for the Rebels. Mississippi should win by about 14. 

Kentucky (-18.5) vs. UTEP – Kentucky seems to have something to prove. They'll prove UTEP is no match for the Wildcats this week UK by 25  

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Alabama – Is the Tide that bad, or is Middle that good? Probably a little of both, but it makes no difference to the Sooners. Alabama won't get any home cookin' in Norman. OK by 20. 

Florida (-1.5) vs. Miami – Home team wins. Florida by 3. 

Auburn vs. Western Carolina – Auburn looked pretty good at times against USC, but not good enough often enough. Won't be a problem with WC. Plainsmen by 30 

Arkansas (-7.5) vs. Boise State – The Pigs only a 7.5 point favorite? Boise State? Arkansas by 20. 

UTK (-23.5) vs. MTSU – No hope for the Blue Raiders, regardless of their academic failings. UTK is much better at playing the eligibility game, as well as the football game. UTK by 35.  

South Carolina (-3.5) vs. Virginia – I don't believe in Lou Holtz, the Tooth Fairy, or in-tune saxophone players. Virginia gets some home field advantage and a win, by 5. 

LSU vs. The Citadel – Who schedules these things? LSU by 100. 

Vanderbilt vs. Furman – Was Bobby Johnson recruiting Division 1-A talent at Furman? Does Vandy have Division 1-A talent? Will this be an extremely boring game, as both teams try and fail to "establish the run"? Can Jay Cutler throw the ball TO a receiver, instead of the ground two feet in front of him? Answers will be forthcoming on Saturday. The answer to all of the above is yes, which makes for a close game. VU by 2. 

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