Gordon: "We have to fight!"

Vanderbilt's Alex Gordon talked to VandyMania on Tuesday about the upcoming game with South Carolina.

VandyMania: When Derrick and Shan are hitting how much easier does it make your job?
Alex Gordon: Man! When both are them are hitting it's fun to watch but it makes my life a lot easier because teams start focusing on them so I can step in and hit a shot on a dish from Dan Cage or Ross Neltner.

VM: What is the mood of the team heading into Columbia tomorrow night?
AG: We are very focused right now. We feel like we have something to prove, not to people outside our system, but to our selves. We are not going to play to prove anything to anyone else. Back when we was 1-3 we were the same team we are just getting some success right now. It's just one of those things of just going out and just having the will to win since we had two bad road games

VM: You look at the Mississippi State loss on the road, the Auburn loss on the road and Georgia loss on the road; those are all middle of the pack type teams. South Carolina, they are not really middle of the pack but they are definitely a very dangerous team. What do you guys have to do to go down there and pick up a road win?
AG: Right now South Carolina is probably playing their best basketball so we just have to go out and fight; we have to fight for 40 minutes because like I said they are playing their best basketball and it's a road game so they are going to have the crowd behind them.

VM: How important is it to go down there and get off to a great start? I know against Tennessee and Mississippi State you guys fell behind by a significant amount early on; have you guys talked about the need to get off to a good start?
AG: Oh, yes. We talked about it. We even talked about it before the Tennessee and Mississippi State games. I think we are more so focused on it now, instead of just talking about it.

VM: Jumping back a little bit; During the first half of the Kentucky game you had a period when you went crazy, you had a nice 3, you drove to the basket and went down on one hand but still made it to the basket, you had a nice assist there to Shan Foster and you also had a steal. What was going through you mind there?
AG: It was just one of those things where it seemed like Kentucky was gaining momentum on our court. We needed somebody to step up and I just wanted to do whatever it takes for us to win. At that moment we needed me to make plays and that's what I tried to do.

VM: What exactly happened on that play where you drove to the basket and went down on one hand? I actually have a picture of you on VandyMania with one hand on the floor and two Kentucky players standing there looking at you. I don't know if you've seen it.
AG: I have (laughs). I drove and I think I lost my balance a little bit and I slipped but I saw a little lane and so I just got my balance back and got back up and laid it in.

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