Baseball: WKU postgame comments

Vanderbilt defeated Western Kentucky 6-4 on Tuesday night in a hard-fought contest. After the game VandyMania spoke with head coach Tim Corbin, Ryan Flaherty and Mike Minor.

Ryan Flaherty, short stop

On the double:

Actually, it's funny, on my first two at bats I grounded out hard to the first baseman and I thought those were going to be hits and sure enough I come up and hit one off the end of the bat and it goes into left field.

On the close finish:

It definitely got a little tight there at the end, more than we wanted it to, but I had confidence that Casey was going to get himself out of that jam and I knew as a team were were going to come together and finish that out. It wasn't the way we wanted to finish it but we got out of here with a win and we'll take it.

What Coach Corbin said after the game:

He said overall we played okay throughout the game, we didn't execute in some spots but we were lucky to get out of here with a win at the end of it all and he was happy with that.

How it feels to be 15-0:

It feels good. We've just got to keep coming out and getting better everyday. This weekend we have a good team, Illinois-Chicago, playing three game series. They've been playing well so we've got to get ready for that.

I've heard some folks say that it might be good to go ahead and get a loss and get it out of the way. They say that would help you guys psychologically. What do you think of that? Uh, no. We never come out wanting to lose no matter what the situation is. In every game we come out and we want to win.

Mike Minor, pitcher

How did things go tonight:

Pretty good. I was up in the zone today so I had a couple of good balls helping me. I had that one home run hit off me and a couple of other ones that were pretty deep in the outfield all because I was up in the zone. I was like belt high the whole game, which is not very good at this level so I need to be down at the knees.

On how it feels to be 15-0:

It feels pretty good, I guess, but we haven't gotten into the SECs yet.

Tim Corbin, head coach

On being 15-0:

Record means nothing to me, I just want to get better that's all and the kids want to get better. Record means absolutely zero right now. All we want to do is try to get better and that's all that matters. The ending was close but Casey probably needed that. He needed to pitch in a situation where the game was on the line with one hitter. Their best athlete was on the plate and a base hit is the difference in the ball game but he got out of it and I'm proud of him for that, didn't look pretty but sometimes when you play on the road it doesn't.

On Mike Minor's performance:

I thought he threw pretty well. Think about this for a minute, you've got a freshman arm and he's pitching on the road for the first time actually as a starter. I think he did pretty well. I thought the most important part of the game was when there was a lead off double and the game was tied up, he struck out the next four hitters. He did a very admirable job. He's a strike thrower and he makes things happen that way and he keeps us close. That's a good team we played; they are scrappy.

On the run down of the WKU runner:

It was good. We talked about that on the mound just before we took him out. I asked him if he had to do that over again what would he had done differently and he said "I would have turned the double play," and I said "yep" but that's a young kid learning.

On Western Kentucky:

I like Chris and his ball club. Every time we come down here we play a tough ball game. Last year it was a 2-run ball game and this year the same thing. Teague came in and shut us down for the most part. Their pitchers did a very good job getting out of the innings. He does a good job with his kids, he's a very positive person and I like coaching against him. Top Stories