Women's Hoops: Recruiting coordinator interview

Since the basketball recruiting season is in full swing, VandyMania recently talked with Assistant Coach Stephanie Norman, recruiting coordinator for the women's basketball team, to get a progress report

VM: The NCAA restricts what coaches can say about recruiting prior to signing day. First, can you talk about what you're allowed to say?

Coach Norman: Before signing, the NCAA has limited us in visiting anything regarding the potential student athletes. All we can do is confirm the recruitment of particular individuals, but we can't talk about whether they have committed, have not committed. That's all left up to the newspapers and any other media outlets that wish to pursue those sorts of things.

VM: The local media have reported four verbal commitments. [VM shows her a copy of Women's Hoops Gets Another Verbal] Do you think we should trust the media?

Coach Norman: I can confirm that they are on our recruiting list. Yes. That's about all I can confirm. I can't tell you if they have or have not committed, and you'd be a better judge of whether you can trust the media or not.

VM: If those reports are accurate, in November we'll have four signees. What are the chances that we'll have more than four signees?

Coach Norman: The chances are very great. I would say 100%.

VM: What do you think the maximum number of signess we might have would be?

Coach Norman: I'm not quite sure at this point. It's just going to depend on the evolvement of some of the people we're interested in. We're not going to fill the scholarships just for the sake of filling them, but if the right people confirm that they'd like to come, then we'll use them up. So more than anything it just really depends on the fit. If those particular individuals we're recruiting say "yes", then we'll use them up. Right now with the reported commitments, if those indeed hold true, I wouldn't mind ending there, either.

VM: So it could be four, five, or six . . .?

Coach Norman: Yes.

VM: Are there any particular kinds of players you're going hard after at this point?

Coach Norman: I would say that we're looking at some perimeter players first and foremost, especially some shooting guards and people who can step up and hit some three's consistently, both at the off-guard position and the wing position. So I would say right now that's our main emphasis. Also obviously we have a big hole to fill in the middle so I think if you were to ask me two positions that are critical with some remaining scholarships that we might have, I would say those are the two spots that we're going to emphasize looking towards the last few spots.

VM: Can you talk about what it's like recruiting for Vanderbilt? What's easy and what's hard about it?

Coach Norman: Well, I've told everyone this has been the most fun I've ever had in a summer, and that's because the response of the kids has been tremendous. It's no longer a situation where you kind of have to pull teeth and prod and beg to get them to listen to some of the great points about your institution. This institution speaks for itself, so that's really been a great selling point.

Obviously some of the tougher points are the competition is now much stiffer. The pool of applicants, per se, is much smaller because we're going after some of the top players in the country, and so that makes it a little bit more difficult. But one of the reasons I took this job was to see how good to see how good we, as a staff, could be, and I feel like on the whole that things have been progressing very nicely and for the amount of time we've had and with the trip to Italy, I couldn't be happier with how things are going at this stage.

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