NCAA Tournament: What to expect

The Vanderbilt men's basketball team will find out their NCAA seeding, if any, today at 5 p.m. CST on the CBS NCAA Selection Show. The Commodore team will gather in private to watch the show. There are still some conference tournamen championships to be played but what are the possible seeding scenarios? Who are possible first-round opponents? Where can we expect Vanderbilt to go?

What can the Commodores expect as far as a seeding?  If you are expecting anything less than a No. 6 seed you can forget it. The Bracket Project, which tracks 32 bracket predictors and creates an overall projected tournament seeding has Vanderbilt as a No. 7 seed as of 8:00 p.m. CST on Saturday night.
Of the 32 services listed on the Project just one lists Vanderbilt as a No. 5 seed, 7 list Vanderbilt as a No. 6 seed, 7 give the Commodores a No. 7 seed, 12 have Vandy at a No. 8 seed, 1 at No. 9, 1 at No. 10 and 2 at No. 11. One service does not even give Vanderbilt a seeding.

Boise State was a nice opening opponent in 1993 but this Vanderbilt team will likely see a much more formidable opponent.    According to the Project, if Vanderbilt earns a No. 7 seed the Commodores could expect possible first round opponents such as Georgia Tech, Texas Tech,  Winthrop and Syracuse.   These teams are projected as No. 10 seeds by the Project.
If the Commodores get a No. 8 seed then Commodores could possibly meet Indiana, Villanova, Michigan State or Xavier in the first round.  A No. 9 seed and Vandy could get a meeting with USC, Boston College, Butler or Kentucky.  However, it would be unlikely that the NCAA would pair two teams from the same conference in the first round so scratch Kentucky.  A No. 10 seed could get the Commodores a first round game with teams such as Duke, Creighton and USC. 
VANDYMANIA PROJECTION: Villanova (First round)

This year's NCAA Tournament features first and second round games in Buffalo, Lexington, Sacramento, Winston-Salem, Chicago, Columbus, New Orleans, and Spokane.  Already have a short trip planned to Lexington or Winston-Salem for the first round? You'd better think again. Vanderbilt traditionally gets sent packing in the NCAA Tournament.  Why? Because Vanderbilt doesn't travel as well as some of other schools such as Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky. Even though the NCAA is all about amateur athletics the NCAA and the cities hosting the first round games want to make money.  
The Commodores traveled to Orlando, Fla. in 2004 for the first round, which was historically one of Vandy's better draws as far as location. Ten years ago Vanderbilt faced Xavier in the opening round in frigid Auburn Hills, Mich.  In 1993, after Vanderbilt's greatest regular season in modern Commodore history, the 'Dores were sent to Salt Lake City.  In 1991 the Commodores traveled to Tucson and in 1989 to beautiful Providence.  Our best guess for this team is Buffalo, Sacramento or Spokane.
2007 NCAA Tournament 1st and 2nd Round Locations

15th and 17th March
Buffalo, NY
Lexington, KY
Sactramento, CA
Winston-Salem, NC
16th and 18th March
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
New Orleans, LA
Spokane, WA

Vanderbilt's Past NCAA Tournament Appearances

Year (Region)
1965 (Mideast)
1974 (Mideast)
1988 (Midwest)
1989 (East)
1991 (West)
1993 (West)
1997 (Midwest)
2004 (Phoenix)
Commodore NCAA Tournament History (Yearly Results)
Regional: Mideast (Lexington, Ky.)
Semifinal: Vanderbilt 83, DePaul 78 OT (March 12)
Final: Michigan 87, Vanderbilt 85 (March 13)
Regional: Mideast (Tuscaloosa, Ala.)
Semifinal: Marquette 85, Vanderbilt 61 (March 14)
Regional Third-Place: Notre Dame 118, Vanderbilt 88 (March 16)
Regional: Midwest
1st Round: [No. 7] Vanderbilt 80, [No. 10] Utah State 77; Lincoln, Neb. (March 18)
2nd Round: Vanderbilt 80, [No. 2] Pittsburgh 74; Lincoln, Neb. (March 20)
Semifinal: [No. 6] Kansas 77, Vanderbilt 64; Pontiac, Mich. (March 25)
Regional: East
1st Round: [No. 9] Notre Dame 81, [No. 8] Vanderbilt 65; Providence, R.I. (March 17)
Regional: West
1st Round: [No. 8] Georgetown 70, [No. 9] Vanderbilt 60; Tucson, Ariz. (March 15)
Regional: West
1st Round: [No. 3] Vanderbilt 92, [No. 14] Boise State 72; Salt Lake City, Utah (March 18)
2nd Round: Vanderbilt 85, [No. 6] Illinois 68; Salt Lake City, Utah (March 20)
Semifinal: [No. 7] Temple 67, Vanderbilt 59; Seattle, Wash. (March 26)
Regional: Midwest
1st Round: [No. 7] Xavier 80, [No. 10] Vanderbilt 68; Auburn Hills, Mich. (March 13)
Regional: Phoenix
1st Round: [No. 6] Vanderbilt 71, [No. 11] Western Michigan 58; Orlando, Fla. (March 19)
2nd Round: [No. 6] Vanderbilt 75, [No. 3] N.C. State 73; Orlando, Fla. (March 21)
Semifinal: [No. 1] Connecticut 73, [No. 6] Vanderbilt 53; Phoenix, Ariz. (March 25)


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