Bobby Johnson Tuesday practice comments

Vanderbilt entered its second week of spring drills on Tuesday afternoon. VandyMania spoke with head coach Bobby Johnson on the progress of spring drills.

On team's progress in practice:

"We are making process but we are looking at a lot of people and a lot of different things. Experimenting a little bit. After six practices it's hard to be exactly perfect but we are working at it."

On the running backs performance in Tuesday's practice:

"Yeah, we got a good crew of running backs. We've got Jeff coming back, helps us bunch. We have Gaston Miller who I think is stepping up. Jared Hawkins ran hard today. Very pleased with those guys."

On Jeff Jennings talents:

"Jeff brings some unique talents to us. He's a big back, he can get the hard yard. He's excellent at protecting the quarterback in passing protection. He brings a lot of things to the table that not all of the rest of them have the complete package."

On Brandon Bryant and Patrick Benoist:

"Benoist, he can play middle and he can play weak side, they are both very mobile and pretty savvy; they know what's going on. Brandon has really been doing a great job. I expect him to keep doing better and better."

Jeff Jennings knee:

"I really enjoyed having him out there. He looked great in that scrimmage. Jeff's going to get the hard yards for you. He's just got a little knack of being able to get in there and make people miss, break tackles and all of the things you need out of a big back. He can catch the ball and he can protect. He can do all of those things; very reliable. I think the running back position is going to be really strong for us. Cassen, Jeff, Jared, Gaston and even Kennard Reeves is doing a good job for us."

On having 5 good backs:

"We'll narrow it down some but we feel good about having four of them ready to play. It's good to have them, it's hard to go through a twelve game season in the SEC and not need all four."

On Stamper's foot fracture:

"He'll be ready to go. He's been through a bunch of spring practices before. It'll probably give him a chance to get his back completely well instead of trying to rush out here for spring practice."

On Stamper's back:

"We thought his back was progressing very well but after you haven't played football for as long as he hasn't played and you start wrenching around and doing all that stuff, you expect him to have some soreness. It didn't have anything to do with his surgery, it was more just muscular soreness."

On Thomas Welch:

"Thomas is getting a bunch of snaps; I don't know if he wants them all but he's getting them [laughter]. He's doing really well. He's just got to learn his capabilities. He doesn't know how good he could be. He's very fast and not many rushers are going to get around him and he actually goes too fast sometimes because they are going to try to come under him sometimes. It's just a learning process and he's just got to get better at the small thing. Coach Caldwell is going to do a good job with him. He'll move right along. He's about 275 or 280."

On Kikko Logan and Adam Smotherman injuries:

"Smotherman has a little tendonitis and tendon soreness. Logan has a strained MCL." Top Stories