Ted Skuchas talks Georgetown

Vanderbilt senior center Ted Skuchas spoke to the media on Tuesday and discussed the upcoming game with Georgetown. Vanderbilt plays the Hoyas at 6:27 p.m. CST on Friday.

On elevating his game during double overtime win against WSU:

"It was just one of those things where we didn't want to lose and none of us want to be done playing right now. The three seniors, we just tried to come out with a victory. You did anything you can to win in the end."

On neutralizing Washington State's Baynes during the overtime:

"You just play him straight up and you have to just figure out what is effective. Everyone plays a different kind of style and in the end you just have to know how the refs are calling the game and what you can and can't get away with, how physical you can play and how their offense was. They play a different kind of ball, they slow it down a lot, and you just need to rely on defensive principals and take things for what they are worth."

On Georgetown's front line:

"They're good. Georgetown, they are some of the best in the country. Green and Hibbert are hell of a big men and Green's versatility; he can do everything. Hibbert, much improved even since we played them, even since last year at the beginning of the year. He's a strong force and we are just going to need to figure out what we are going to do to play defense effectively and make contributions."

On the benefits of having played Georgetown once already:

"It helps out but teams change so much through the season. I would guess that some of the stuff that they did at the beginning of the year is similar but I know they probably have a lot more wrinkles to their offense and defense that makes it an interesting thing. Once you get in the tournament you are just going to see new things all the time because everyone is trying to gain an advantage somewhere."

On what Vanderbilt has changed defensively since the 1-3 start:

"I think you guys have to remember too, Georgetown was our first game and we hadn't really quite found ourselves defensively so It took us a little while to get into our own but I think we finally came around to that. So we go in with a very strong defensive mentality to any game right now. We know we have to play defense as a team to be successful. Things have changed drastically for both of us; that's why I think it's going to be an interesting match up because we both are not the same teams that we were at the beginning of the year. "

On how to defend Georgetown's Hibbert:

"To tell you the truth I don't know. I haven't been told what the coaches would like me to do, that's something that they'll decide and I'll try to execute it the best that I can.

On doing well keeping other team's front lines in check:

We varied up a lot of different aspects. Different teams play different styles of big men, Florida is very athletic and Arkansas rotates different kinds of big men all the time. You just have to figure out who you are playing and what your strengths are."

An a team meeting right after the Furman loss:

"What really came about is that we came together as a team and we were able to focus on what we needed to do to be successful this year. We came out with a mentality every day after that on improving every aspect of our team until we could get it winning. There are still some things about us that we need to improve and that's why you keep coming out every day and you practice everyday to improve so you can put yourself in a position to win."

On the importance of team chemistry:

"Chemistry is a fickle thing. Teams are always around each other so much that there is always chemistry; there's good chemistry and then there's even better chemistry. Our teams have always had good chemistry it's just sometimes thing really start clicking and everything starts working and that's what's happened for us."

One returning to his home region for the NCAA:

"It's nice to go back home and be able to play in front of some people I haven't seen in a long time. It's nice but it's not the reason why we are going up there. We are going there to put ourselves in position to win the basketball game."

On his basketball development as a youth:

"I practice my life. Growing up that's all I did was basketball. From about sixth grade on you'd find me in the gym somewhere, shooting somewhere, playing in some tournament morning, day and night. My family and I have made a lot of sacrifices to myself in the position to be successful. Made some good decisions and able to reap the benefits on it.

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