Interview: Vanderbilt QB Chris Nickson

Vanderbilt's Chris Nickson and his fellow quarterbacks were on target with their receivers throughout much of Thursday evening practice. At the conclusion of the drills VandyMania talked with Commodore quarterback Chris Nickson.

VandyMania: Chris, you were lighting it up out there tonight and connecting with all your receivers.
Chris Nickson: Spring is always fun, it's just a time when you don't have the pressure of game time so you just take your time and have fun with your guys, you just toss it around a little bit and get some new schemes in and I'm really enjoying it. We're having a good time and I think the more we do it and the better we'll get.

VM: I know it was really not "live" because there wasn't any full tackling but I don't think I saw a pass dropped at all. It was like catch and throw all evening.
CN: We were on today, all the quarterbacks, I think this was one of our best practices yet and we are only going to get better. We have some great receivers we just have to feed them to the ball. They always make good plays for us so we just have to get them the ball. If we do that we have great practices just like today.

VM: Who do you think is going to step up and take now graduated Marlon White's spot?
CN: All of them, we have a lot of guys that can step up. It's all the way down the line; it's anybody's position. Coach Fisher is giving everybody a chance to go out and show what they have. I think we have a great talent in Alex Washington and Justin Wheeler; Bryant Anderson, Larry Simmons; there are a lot of guys. We are just going to look at it and put the best guys on the field that can make big plays for us.

VM: Looking at yourself now and looking back at last year before the spring game when you didn't even play due to an injury, what are your feelings now compared to a year ago?
CN: I'm going to step out on the field experienced. I've been in situations before; I've been in real game time situations. Just being out there, it just allows me to have fun. Last year I probably had the jitter bugs a little right now I just feel really comfortable with what we are doing and feel comfortable with my players. I'm just going out there and having fun; that's the biggest difference in terms of now and last year, I can be relaxed take advantage of the defense.

VM: I think you guys may have a better running game this year that will help keep defenses honest.
CN: Absolutely, we have a scheme going that is going to be very successful. It's putting us in a good situation in terms of giving our backs some open holes. We have some play action passes that are going in, it's going to be pretty good for us. We have a lot of things going on, especially in our running game, that's going to open some holes. We have great backs like Jeff Jennings back, he's going to do tremendous things for this team and our younger backs are doing nothing but getting better.

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