Photo essay: Dores compete in 3-point contest

ATLANTA-- On Thursday night Vanderbilt seniors Dee Davis and Caroline Williams showed off their shooting skills in the 19th Annual Slam Dunk & Three Point Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. VandyMania's Whitney D shares these photos from the fun-filled evening.

The contest was held at the Sports Arena on the Georgia State University campus in the heart of downtown Atlanta on the eve of the men's Final Four.

Vanderbilt Assistant Coaches Lisa Cermignano, Vicky Picott, and Stephanie Norman made the trip down from Nashville to cheer on the Commodores.

To begin the evening, all the participants in the evenings' skills competitions were introduced. Contestants for the women's 3-point shooting contest were Dee and Caroline from Vanderbilt, Noelle Quinn from UCLA (shown here), Eshaya Murphy from Southern Cal, Lyndsey Medders from Iowa State, Ashley Davis from TCU, Katie Gearlds from Purdue, and Cori Chambers from Georgia.

After the men's 3-point shooting contest, the contestants in the women's contest warmed up for a few minutes. In the 3-point shooting competition, each contestant has 60 seconds to shoot as many 3-pointers as possible. Five racks of balls are distributed around the 3-point arc, with four balls in each rack. The fourth ball in each rack was the "money ball". Every 3-pointer counts for one point, except for the money ball, which counts for two points.

In the first round, two contestants take the court at a time. Dee and Caroline were the second pair of contestants, with Dee shooting at one end of the court, and Caroline shooting at the other end.

In the first round, Dee grabs a money ball on the way to 20 points, the highest score in the first round.

Dee (20 points), Katie Gearlds (18 points), Caroline (18 points), and Lyndsey Medders (17 points) had the high scores in the first round and advanced to Round 2.

The top two scorers from the second round advance to the Final Round. Dee and Caroline look on as the other contestants take their turns.

Caroline's 14 points in round two punched her ticket to the Final Round.

Dee finished with 13 points, just short of the score she needed to advance one more round.

The two finalists, Purdue's Katie Gearlds and Caroline, had a little time to chat before the Final Round began.

Katie's 22 points in the Final Round was the best score in the contest and won her the championship. Caroline finished second with 14 points in the final round.

After the 3-point shooting contests, a break in the action gave fans a chance to walk around before the Slam Dunk contest.

Georgia star Tasha Humphrey (right) was spotted on the front row with Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Brigitte Adrossi and Tiffany Blackmon.

Commodores Jen Risper, Jessica Mooney, Lauren Lueders, and Amy Malo drove down from Nashville to cheer for their teammates and to enjoy the evening.

The contestants from the 3-point shooting contest had front row seats for the slam dunk contest.

High-flying dunks of every description captured the attention of the fans.

For one of his dunks, Louis Darby of Long Beach State brought Dee and a youngster out on to the court for a prop.

As they stood motionless, he leaped over them on his way to the rim.

The gravity-defying acrobatics of hometown favorite Mario West of Georgia Tech earned a perfect 60.0 points on his final dunk to make him the 2007 Slam Dunk Champion.

With the 3-point shooting competition behind her, Dee's next stop will be in Cleveland, Ohio, for the WNBA's Pre-Draft Camp, which begins on Friday. Vanderbilt third senior, Carla Thomas, is also planning to the attend the camp. All three seniors will graduate in May.

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