Interview: Vanderbilt's Ryan Custer

Ryan Custer has seen both sides of the ball this spring and has a good feel for the team. VandyMania spoke with Custer after the spring game on Saturday.

VM: How did spring practice go for you?

RC: It's been going pretty good. They started me out on defense because they needed some people over there and then halfway through we had some injuries on the offensive line so they moved me back. I picked right back up where I was at so that was good. I know the offense really really so it's been going really well now.

VM: How did you like defense?

RC: It was different, I mean it was a lot different from what I was used to in high school but it was a lot of fun.

VM: What are they telling you now, are you in the same position as before or what?

RC: Yeah, they are going to keep me at left guard as far as I know.

VM: Are you looking at being a backup or what?

RC: Backup probably but maybe getting some starting time.

VM: What are your feelings about the offensive line this year? We know about all the starters, Stamper and guys like Chris Williams but what about some of the guys who may be able to step in there and get some playing time?

RC: There's a bunch of people that will be able to push some people. Bradley Veirling at center; he can play center and right guard, he's been doing that. Thomas Welch he has been earning first team at right tackle. He's been doing really good, he's gotten a lot better. He'll definitely be pushing Stamper.

VM: Play half of the spring on defense and the other half on offense, what do you feel the mood of the team is right now heading towards the upcoming season?

RC: We are feeling really good. We know that we are going to be really good, we just have to live up to what are expectations are. We have a lot of talent and a lot of depth; we didn't lose that many starters so we'll be good this year and everybody knows it we just have to follow through.

VM: What do you think the team is going to rely more on this season, passing or running?

RC: Probably passing but my coach, Coach Caldwell, he likes to run a lot more and he wishes we'd run more.

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