Sonny Gray names three leaders

He's a gem for Smyrna high school on both the baseball diamond and football field. Pitcher/quarterback Sonny Gray has been offered by a numerous schools for both football and baseball. Gray talked with VandyMania on Tuesday and named his three favorites.

VM: What are the strengths of your game; what makes you a great player?

SG: For football, I think this year what made me so good was all of our receivers made so many great plays for me. If you look on tape you'll see that a lot of the passes I made I was sitting back there for 3 seconds every time. The line had a great year protecting me and the receivers made great plays.

For baseball, I think one of my strengths is my fast ball, being able to throw in the mid 90s did things for me. Being able to throw strikes and make the defense work.

VM: What other pitches do you throw?

SG: I throw a curve ball, change up and slider.

VM: What would you like to play more in college, football or baseball?

SG: Baseball but there is the possibility of playing both in college.

VM: What is your forty time?

SG: 4.6

VM: What major league or college player do you feel you are similar to in style of play?

SG: A lot of people think I throw like Pedro Martinez because he's short and gets close to the ground.

VM: What stats did you have after your junior season?

SG: Football, I threw for 24 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, 2,300 yards and rushed for 450 yards.

Baseball, my freshman year I was 7-1 with a .083 ERA and last year I only got to pitch in 3 games and I was 2-1 because I got hurt. I had like a 1.10 ERA. So far this year I am 6-0 with a 1.0 ERA.

VM: What honors did you receive during your junior season?

SG: For football I got All-Region, Offensive Player of the Region, All-Midstate, All-Area and All-State.

For baseball I got all the same ones except for All-State.

VM: What schools have offered you?

SG: Just about all the SEC schools and then some Sunbelt and some small colleges around here.

VM: Which school is recruiting you the hardest?

SG: Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Kentucky.

VM: Have you visited Vanderbilt?

SG: Yes.

VM: What Vanderbilt coach is recruiting you?

SG: Coach Cain for football and coach Bakich and coach Corbin for baseball.

VM:Who would you say your three favorites are right now?

SG: I'd say Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Kentucky.

VM: What do you like about Vanderbilt?

SG: I liked all the coaches and the facilities were really nice. All the players were like real friendly and nice.

VM: Was this for baseball or football?

SG: Both.

VM: What do you like about Tennessee?

SG: I just like the atmosphere when I went to a football game. It was so crazy there. It seemed like it would be a fun place.

VM: What do you like about Kentucky?

SG: When I went to Kentucky for a basketball game it was the same thing as UT except it was basketball. There were nice people and it seemed like a fun place too.

VM: What do you think is the most important thing to you in picking a college?

SG: It's got to be pretty close to home, well it doesn't have to be, but right now with my Mom and everything it would be good and all three of them are not very far away. They all three have good schools and you can do other things if you don't make it in sports after college. Those three schools are pretty good winning schools.

VM: How are you guys doing in baseball?

SG: We are doing pretty good, we are 16-3 right now.

VM: How is your high school football team looking for the upcoming season?

SG: We are looking real good. We have both our offensive MVP and defensive MVP coming back.

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