Pete's Pigskin Prognostications: Week 3

Pete gives his predictions for week 3 in the SEC.



Last Week 9-1: Season 18-3 

How could Florida lose so convincingly to Miami? Could this be the first crack in the crumbling of a dynasty? Stay tuned.  

It's the third week of the season, and the SEC teams are still scheduling cupcakes. Jax state? North Texas State? You don't need a breather until you do something that you need to rest up from.  

As usual, I'm just picking winners, the spreads are included for you edification. (Home team Bold type.) 

Alabama (-22) vs North Texas State - In the color scheme, Crimson will wash out Green. ‘Bama by 30. 

Arkansas (-11) vs South Florida – The pigs get no respect with only an 11-point spread. Compass points are compass points. Arkansas by 30. 

Florida (-30) vs Ohio U. – Men against boys. Florida will assuage the hurt of the Miami loss with a pasting of the Bobcats. The final score just depends on how early Zook calls off the Gators. Florida by 48. 

Georgia (-5) vs South Carolina – Interesting on the face of it, but SC was overrated going into the season and past events have done nothing to alter my perception of SC's capabilities. Bulldogs by 10. 

Kentucky (-16.5) vs Indiana – Is Kentucky for real? This game won't indicate the answer, but Kentucky should win. ‘Cats by 10. 

LSU (-13.5) vs Miami of Ohio – The Bayou Bengals are glad this isn't the Sun-Tan Miami, but the Ohioans can be pesky. LSU by 8. 

Texas Tech (-5) vs Ole Miss – Ole Miss is the girl with the curl.

(There once was a girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad, she was horrid.)

On the road, underdog, horrid. TT by 20. 

Mississippi State vs Jax State - No contest. MSU by 50. 

Vanderbilt (+21) vs Auburn - I'd like to be encouraged by Vandy's thumping of Furman, but Auburn is no Furman. Their running attack combined with VU's inability to cover the short passing game adds up to a standard SEC 42-14 loss for the Commodores.  

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