Delmonico chokes on foot

Tennessee head baseball coach Rod Delmonico reportedly made some snide comments to the media that Tennessee needed an in-state rival. Many interpreted the comment to be a smack at Vanderbilt, a team that has caused him much frustration in the last few years.

Saturday Vanderbilt made Delmonico look foolish when they swept UT three games to none and increased Commodore head coach Tim Corbin's record to 11-4 versus Delmonico and his Vol squad. After taking the loss the Tennessee coach was asked if he now considered Vanderbilt a rivalry. The arrogant Delmonico is said to have replied, "Yeah, finally, it's a rivalry. It took 18 years to become a rivalry."

Despite being a darling at the Knoxville school for 18 years while sporting a 709-402 record with four trips to Omaha, Delmonico is clearly on the hot seat now. His program is no longer considered the baseball power in the state of Tennessee and he is coaching in the shadow of the highly successful Corbin.

While Tennessee is no longer even in the polls, Vanderbilt has become a regular at No. 1 throughout much of this season. Corbin has out recruited Delmonico for local in-state stars such as David Price, Mike Minor and others.

Delmonico showed signs of desperation in the recruiting of Minor. In an interview with VandyMania in the fall, Minor commented that one of the main reasons he chose Vanderbilt was not just the difference in facilities, but that he strongly preferred the Vanderbilt staff over the UT version. Delmonico is rumored to have broken an unwritten rule in college baseball by continuing to recruit Minor after he had already committed to Vanderbilt.

Delmonico's antics may soon be a thing of the past as the Vols are not only struggling against Vanderbilt, they are struggling against other competition as well and currently are fledgling with a 6-10 SEC record (22-17 overall). Tennessee fans and the school's administrators won't tolerate mediocrity much longer. Look for a new coach in Knoxville next season.

Delmonico recently added a game with Wofford to his team's 2007 season schedule. Maybe Delmonico should switch Wofford out with a division III Tennessee small college or junior college. Then Delmonico can get a win over an in-state program and claim a new rivalry that he wants so bad. Top Stories