Vanderbilt NFL update

Ray Brown, Kevin Joyce, Funtaine Hunter, Sean Dixon and Marlon White all could have a shot at making it in the NFL. VandyMania received an update on their NFL dealings from TitansInsiders publisher Stan Jones.

DT Ray Brown- Working out with the New York Giants this weekend.

LB Kevin Joyce- Chicago Bears making contact about a work out. Not signed yet. There are several other teams interested in Joyce.

LB Funtaine Hunter- 6-3, 230 pound Hunter, who was a back up safety at Vandy, has impressed in workouts and has been signed by the Cleveland Browns. Browns staff members told Hunter's agent, Mike Burns, that Hunter has a good chance of making the team.

DB Sean Dixon- Several teams are in contact with Dixon but he has not signed with anyone. Mike Burns is also Dixon's agent.

WR Marlon White- There are some reports in the Nashville media that White has setup a workout with the Bears. This has not been confirmed and as early as yesterday there was no mention of the Bears by White's agent. Top Stories