Interview: A.J. Ogilvy (part II)

In part one of our interview with Vanderbilt signee A.J. Ogilvy he talked about his game style and his shooting range. In today's segment he discusses how he ended up signing with Vanderbilt and he gives us some comments on his goal of playing in the Olympics for Australia and more.

VM: In recruiting, when did you first hear from Vanderbilt?
AO: April or March of last year.

VM: What other schools offered you scholarships from America?
AO: I had quite a few school offer me scholarships and I actually came on visits last October and I visited UNLV, Saint Mary's and New Mexico.

VM: Did those schools offer you scholarships?
AO: Yes.

VM: When did you first visit Vanderbilt?
AO: I visited in October of last year.

VM: What were some of the reasons you picked Vanderbilt?
AO: I think the basketball was on an entirely different level compared to all the other schools and also the academics was quite impressive. But it was mainly the basketball. The team did so much better and the level of competition was a step above the other schools too.

VM: Did you follow Vanderbilt's run in the NCAAs?
AO: Yeah, I definitely did. It was a tough loss to Georgetown.

VM: Did you get a chance to watch the games?
AO: Yeah, we got most of the NCAA tournament games down here. But they have like 2 or 3 games going at once and they switch between the games and show you parts of each. Once it got down to the end of the game they went to whichever game was the closest.

VM: Coach Stallings has spoken highly of you; what has the Vanderbilt coaching staff told you as far as your role on the team as a freshman?
AO: I haven't really been told that much. They told me that they want me to come in and contribute the best way that I can. I'll wait until I get over there and see how I can best benefit the team.

VM: I understand playing in the Olympics for Australia is one of your top goals. Is it possible you could play in China in 2008?
AO: Probably not, no. The squad is being finalized now.

VM: Maybe 2008?
AO: Yes, maybe.

VM: What NBA or other player do you feel you are similar to in style of play.
AO: My favorite NBA player is Ben Wallace (Bulls) but my game is similar to Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks).

VM: Any idea what you want to study at Vanderbilt?
AO: Yes, athletic training. I want to stay in sports after I get done playing.

VM: Are you looking forward to coming to America?
AO: Definitely, I cannot wait to get over there. Top Stories