Photo Gallery: Richard Cagle spring game

Richard Cagle, who has already committed to Vanderbilt, has been working hard over the spring for the St. Pius X Panthers.'s Alan Zepeda who covers Texas Prep Football watched Cagle closely during the scrimmage and took the below photos.

Notes from Zepeda on Richard Cagle:

First off excellent pickup by Vandy, Cagle can play multiple positions, plays with some nastiness that I like to see in linemen. A bit of news from the game, Cagle is so versatile that St. Pius is looking at using him to pull to the opposite side from the tackle position. Those who have played the line know that is not an easy task so the fact that St. Pius would even consider this speaks volumes of his abilities.

I am going to have some pictures up later on but I wanted to give the Vandy fans some quickie info from the night.

Here's Zepeda's photos from the game:

Note: Cagle changed jerseys in the middle of the game.

Cagles dad, the big guy, and a graduate of the first St. Pius X high school team.

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