Robbie Caldwell talks O-line, part III

Vanderbilt Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach Robbie Caldwell spoke with VandyMania recently and discussed the offensive line for the upcoming season. Today Caldwell talks about some of Vanderbilt's up-and-coming offensive line players. (part 3 of 4)

VM: Talk about some of the younger guys.

RC: Behind those guys is the newest of the group is Reilly Lauer (photo at right), who has played tackle. His problem is he hasn't put on weight like he should have. He'll go up and then go down and I'm not sure how hard he's worked at it but right now he seems to be working very hard. He was here for the May semester and he was up to about 250 and then he went home and he tells me he's in the gym and has been working out. He's a very, very talented player but at 250 pounds he's too light in the britches, 240 pounds is what he was last year. He's just too light and gets pushed around. He doesn't need to be 300 pounds but he needs to be up there 275 and with his mobility he'll be fine but when they bull rush him he's got to have some lead in his pencil where he can stop them. When we signed him he was about 235 or 240. In order to gain weight and do it the right way without getting fat you've got to get in the weight room, you've got to love it and you've got to do more that we require you. That's what he hasn't done. He's done everything we've asked him to do but he hasn't done the extra that hopefully he'll do now so he'll get an opportunity to play.

We've got Nick Forte, Nick walked into the program last year, I think he went to Auburn his first year out of Brentwood. I'm not sure if he played down there or not but he decided he want to play. He came back here and was doing well but hurt his knee during the spring. He's back and seems to be going full speed. He's a guy with good strength and size. If he decides he wants to compete he could get in there and have a chance.

A kid we signed last year that redshirted, Joey Bailey (photo at left); Joey has really busted his butt. When we signed him he was probably 235. He's a very athletic guy who could really run. We are making a center out of him. Just taking to it, it's been like a duck takes to water. He's done it a little bit, I think in junior high school or something, but he played tackle in high school and they did a lot of things with him; pulled him, he can run to the tune of 4.8 probably. Right now I saw him in the weight room, he's done well, he's probably about 272. I'd like to see him play one day at 285. He's probably about 6-foot-3 and a half in his stock feet so he can easily do that, got the frame for it. With muscle and not fat I think he and Reilly Lauer both, you know Reilly is 6-7, but he narrowed shouldered. He's going to have to work hard; he's going to have to put on muscle because he's never going to be a fat person. That's okay; I knew that when I signed him. Those two have gotten themselves straightened out; they had some academic problems and have really come on and done well. Joey Bailey, by the time the summer is over he'll be in really good shape; he'll be working toward that Cum Laude (laughs), not really. As freshmen they stumped their toes and as most of them do because they don't realize what it takes, they usually never had to work at it in high school because they are smart, sharp kids. Here they have to work at it a little bit.

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