Photo Gallery: Women's hoops camp

Downstairs of Memorial Gym echoed with the sound of squeaking sneakers and bouncing basketballs last week as more than 160 campers attended the annual Offensive Skills Improvement Camp. Among the camp counselors were women's basketball players who had returned to campus following their early summer break during the month of May.

Caroline Williams, who graduated in May, returned to Nashville to help with the camp, including leading the stretching and warmup exercises first thing in the morning.

Junior Tina Wirth spent her vacation traveling and visiting with friends and family, including a trip to Miami for her sister's college graduation, then to the Florida keys, to California to visit junior teammate Jen Risper, and home to Arizona. Another teammate, sophomore point guard Merideth Marsh, flew out west to Join them.

Redshirt senior Liz Sherwood also did a lot of traveling, including a senior trip to Destin, Florida, and a trip to California and Las Vegas visiting with family.

Sophomore Ashlee Bridge spent the break working and relaxing at home in Cincinnati. Like her teammates, she'll enroll in summer school in the July semester.

Sophomore Amber Norton went home to Louisville. While she was there, she helped her family to move into a new home just outside the city.

Sophomore Jessica Mooney's home is in Nashville, so she didn't have far to go. She has been working at the Charles Davis Foundation this summer directing their basketball program.

Each day at camp included drills in the "Basketball Factory", where the camp counselors worked at different stations with the campers rotating in groups from one station to the next. There was also plenty of time for games, from one-on-one to full team, and for skills competitions.

As the camp's name suggests, the focus at this camp was on the development of offensive skills including shooting.

At the end of each day at camp, the camp gathers for a closing assembly. Besides reviewing what they've learned during the day, it's also an opportunity for counselors to recognize campers who have taken the lessons to heart.

Sophomore Lauren Lueders and redshirt sophomore Amy Malo are taking classes during the June semester, so they weren't able to work as camp counselors. But they helped out with the camp as time allowed.

While camp was in progress, new assistant coach Kim Rosamond could be spotted around the gym.

The awards assembly is held at the end of the last day of camp. The counselors seemed to enjoy watching Vanderbilt Head Coach Melanie Balcomb talk to the campers.

One by one, Coach Balcomb brought the Vanderbilt players to the front and asked the campers what they had learned from them. For example, "What did you learn this week from Tina Wirth?" she asked.

Coach Balcomb told the campers that when they come to watch Vanderbilt play, when Jessica Mooney scores, they should yell, "Moooooooooooooooooooney!!"

After the closing assembly ended and camp was officially over, the players stayed around for autographs and for photos with the campers.

Over the weekend, Memorial Gym hosted two more camps, the Team Camp on Saturday, and the overnight Elite Camp on Saturday and Sunday, the final camps of the summer.

The players will have a short break before the second semester of summer school begins the first week in July, when the team's four incoming freshmen will join the team on campus for classes and summer workouts.

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