Bobby Johnson: Driven to win (part III)

This is part III of our interview with Vanderbilt head coach Bobby Johnson. In this segment Johnson talks about the defensive secondary, the battle for the starting weakside linebacker position and more.

VM: Tailback is another position where the team seems to be loaded for success. Who has the edge there for the starting spot?

Bobby Johnson: "I don't think it's important who starts. I think Jeff is capable of starting, Cassen is capable of starting, Jared Hawkins is capable of starting. We are excited about Gaston Miller's ability to do certain things. It's a good problem to have."

VM: Vanderbilt has had good crowds of Commodore fans for out of conference games but against SEC opponents there always seems to be a lot more of the opponents fans or at least a 50-50 ratio probably. Does this frustrate you and what would you like to see done to get more Commodore fans in the stadium for SEC games?

Coach Johnson: "If we win games we are going to get more people in the stands. That's going to be our responsibility to put a product out there that we can fill the stadium with. Yeah it's a little frustrating but we are going to continue to improve and our following will improve."

VM: We've asked you the last couple years what newcomer you were most eager to see on the field, in 2005 it was Earl Bennett and in 2006 it was Ryan Hamilton. What newcomer are you most eager to see in 2007?

Coach Johnson: "Well he played last year but I think Myron Lewis is going to have a good year."

VM: For Vanderbilt to win six games this year we need to do these three things above and beyond everything else.

Coach Johnson: "I'm not worried about winning six. I'm worried about winning the first one we play and everyone after that. For us to beat Richmond we are going to have to play as mistake free as possible and with great passion."

Bobby Johnson's Career Stats

Coaching Career

Year School Position Record
2006 Vanderbilt Head Coach 4-8
2005 Vanderbilt Head Coach 5-6
2004 Vanderbilt Head Coach 2-9
2003 Vanderbilt Head Coach 2-10
2002 Vanderbilt Head Coach 2-10
2001 Furman Head Coach 12-3
2000 Furman Head Coach 9-3
1999 Furman Head Coach 9-3
1998 Furman Head Coach 5-6
1997 Furman Head Coach 7-4
1996 Furman Head Coach 9-4
1995 Furman Head Coach 6-5
1994 Furman Head Coach 3-8
1993 Clemson Def. Coordinator 8-3
1992 Furman Asst. Head Coach 6-5
1991 Furman Asst. Head Coach 7-4
1990 Furman Asst. Head Coach 9-4
1989 Furman Asst. Head Coach 12-2
1988 Furman Asst. Head Coach 13-2
1987 Furman Asst. Head Coach 7-4
1986 Furman Asst. Head Coach 7-3-2
1985 Furman Def. Coordinator 12-2
1984 Furman Def. Coordinator 8-3
1983 Furman Def. Coordinator 10-2-1
1982 Furman Def. Backs Coach 9-3
1981 Furman Def. Backs Coach 8-3
1980 Clemson Academic Counselor
1979 Furman Def. Backs Coach 5-6
1978 Furman Def. Backs Coach 8-3
1977 Furman Def. Backs Coach 4-5-2
1976 Furman Def. Ends Coach 6-4-1


2001 I-AA National Coach of the Year at Furman
Three-Year I-AA Region II Coach of the Year

Playing Career

Clemson (1969-72)
Eau Claire (S.C.) HS (1965-68) Top Stories