VU women work hard all summer

With the July semester of summer school well underway, all the members of the 2007-08 women's basketball team are on campus. Summer days begin with strength and conditioning workouts early in the morning, followed by summer school classes, then late afternoon pickup games in Memorial Gym.

On Wednesday afternoon Whitney D stopped by the gym for the first team photo of the season and shares some photos from the visit.

Jen Risper and Liz Sherwood

Hannah Tuomi, Amy Malo, Ashlee Bridge, Jen Risper

Amy Malo, Lauren Lueders, Jessica Mooney, Hannah Tuomi, Jen Risper, Jence Rhoads, Tina Wirth, Liz Sherwood

Jessica Mooney, Jen Risper

Ashlee Bridge, Jence Rhoads, Jessica Mooney

Amber Norton

Merideth Marsh

Jessica Mooney, Merideth Marsh, Jence Rhoads, Jen Risper, Amy Malo

Jen Risper, Merideth Marsh, Tina Wirth

Rebecca Silinski, Jence Rhoads, Hannah Tuomi, Chanel Chisholm

Back Row: Lauren Lueders, Hannah Tuomi, Ashlee Bridge, Jence Rhoads, Jen Risper, Tina Wirth, Rebecca Silinski
Front Row: Chanel Chisholm, Jessica Mooney, Liz Sherwood, Amy Malo, Merideth Marsh
On the floor: Amber Norton (Click photo to view a larger image.)

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Photos copyright 2007 by Whitney D for

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