Pete's Pigskin Prognostications- week 5

Pete Fox picks the SEC this week. Alabama at Arkansas, Kentucky at Florida and South Carolina at Vanderbilt are the key matchups in the SEC this weekend.

Last Week 6-1: Season 33-4 

I can't believe I fell for the Big Orange hype again last week. There's just so much pro-UTK talk here in Chattanooga it's just hard to form an objective opinion.

Report from the road: Ole Miss is by far the best place so far to visit. First time I've see "The Grove" tailgate area, and it's really awesome to see that vast sea of tents and awnings.  

As usual, I'm just picking winners, the spreads are included for you edification. (Home team Bold type.) 

UTK (-41) vs. Rutgers – Presumably Casey Clausen will be able to hold on to the center snap this week, and the Vols will be out to prove something. Too bad they didn't prove anything against Florida. UTK by 35. 

LSU (-12.5) vs. Mississippi State – LSU hasn't shown much with their early schedule, but Mississippi State has shown less. LSU 25-10. 

Georgia (-29) vs. New Mexico State – Mew Mexico State's budget director will be happy, as will the Dawg fans. Georgia by 30. 

Florida (-19.5) vs. Kentucky – Interesting match-up. Kentucky's 4-0 against mediocre competition can't stand up to Florida's talent and much harder schedule. Big Blue will come down to earth with a thud. Florida by 17. 

Auburn (-13) vs. Syracuse – Auburn should win easily. There's not much to recommend this game unless you're a Tiger fan. Auburn by 20. 

Alabama (NL) vs. Arkansas – There's no line on this game, maybe because of the uncertain status of injuries to ‘Bama's skill people. The Tide's second team could handle the Pigs. Alabama by 10. 

Vanderbilt (+10.5) vs. South Carolina – This could be the best SEC game of the week. VU seems to be slowly learning how to play football under coach Bobby Johnson. I don't think they've learned fast enough to beat the Gamecocks this year. SC's myriad of turnovers have kept them from being a much better team, and Vandy's talent for producing turnovers is dismal. South Carolina by 7, but not before some anxious moments for the Holtz boys.  

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