Vanderbilt Practice Photos 1.0

As Vanderbilt began practice for the 2007 season VandyMania is there to bring you updates of the preseason practice sessions and analysis of what has transpired during camp. Here are some photos from practice sessions this week.

ALL SEC Offensive Tackles Brian Stamper and Chris Williams
work through the chute drill.

Runningback Cassen Jackson-Garrison does an interview with
the Fox affiliate before practice.

All-American WR Earl Bennett gets started on the 2007 season

Coach Kenny Carter works with Alex Washington and Earl
Bennett on fielding punts.

Freshman RB Jermaine Doster

RB Jeff Jennings has looked good in early practices

RB Gaston Miller

Interim Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos and Coach Bobby Johnson
survey the practice field.

WR Sean Walker works through drills.

LB Nate Campbell works in drills

TE Jake Bradford

DT Adam Smotherman and Greg Billinger
work in drills.

OT Brian Stamper working during drills.

RB Ryan Van Rensberg

RB Jared Hawkins

RB Cassen Jackson-Garrison

QB Jared Funk

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