Vanderbilt Player Profile: Hamilton Holliday

Senior center Hamilton Holliday is one of five returning offensive linemen for Vanderbilt. VandyMania talked with the veteran Commodore player about the upcoming season.

VandyMania: How was it the first time going back to Georgia after you beat the Bulldogs?
Hamilton Holliday: It was great. I guess you walk a little taller to say the least. I have a couple of friends who went there so I can give them a little hell, I guess.

VM: So do you think the attitude has changed some in Georgia about Vanderbilt?
HH: Yes, I haven't spent a whole lot of time there but everybody understands what we are trying to do here and are taking us more seriously, I guess.

VM: How has the off-season conditioning been going?
HH: It's been going great. That attitude has really changed around here. You've got motivated players and everybody has been working really hard. It's just been going really well; everybody knows that they've got to do and everybody knows what they have to do to get there.

VM: Who do you think has made the biggest gains during off-season conditioning?
HH: I'd probably say that Thomas Welch has made some the biggest gains just because he was a tight end and he moved to the O-line late last season and he's put on some weight and gotten bigger and gotten a lot stronger now that he's gotten his shoulder back in working order.

VM: What's your height and weight?
HH: I'm about 6-4, 285.

VM: What are your feelings now having a year of starting under your belt and going into the 2007 season?
HH: Just mainly a leadership role; just build off of last year and take up part of a leadership role, I feel we have a lot of great leaders. I'm not necessarily the one that stands out because leadership will be a great asset for this team.

VM: You and Chris Nickson have a year of experience under your belt getting the snap from you to him; that must make you feel a lot better about this season knowing that you've done that hundreds of times?
HH: Last year I might have had a couple that were a tad high. All the quarterbacks have improved in that sense. Chris has always been like my best to snap to or whatever. Mackenzi, Richard and Jared have all greatly improved. I had some issues with a couple of the young guys; some of the newcomers last year but now I don't even have to think about it.

VM: Who are some of the younger players that you think might be ready to make an impact on the offensive line during the 2007 season?
HH: Ryan Custer is coming back to the offensive line, he was on the defensive line for a while, and he's doing a great job even though he switched halfway through. Ryan Vance has made a lot of improvement; he's probably one of the most improved as far as technique and all of that goes. Thomas Welch wants so bad to be so good and that's really working out for him especially at the new position.

VM: What are some of the things you guys improved in as far as technique?
HH: I think technique is one but along with that experience. We have a lot of returning starters from last year and everybody has a kind of feel for each other and the kind of chemistry across the line.

VM: What are your goals as a player for the 2007 season?
HH: My personal goals are more like team goals. I just want to win. I'm going into this season preparing to win every game that we play and preparing to the best of my abilities to win those games. I'd say this year for us is going to be more about team goals.

Bobby Johnson on Holliday:

We expect a lot out of Hamilton. He's gotten the experience so there's no excuse of not doing things the right way and he's really been good about that so we expect him to be good; really good. Top Stories