Vanderbilt Welcomes Freshmen to Campus

Saturday was "Move In Day" on the Vanderbilt campus, the day that the class of 2011 officially becomes a part of the Vanderbilt community. Whitney D shares photos from the day.

Move In Day begins early Saturday morning. All incoming freshmen are assigned an arrival time along with their dorm room assignment. The first stop of the day is the staging area in the football parking lots along Natchez Trace, where they pick up the key to their dorm room.

Cars leave the staging area in groups of about 20 cars, which allows normal traffic along Natchez Trace and West End to flow smoothly the rest of the time. Policeman are stationed at every intersection along the route to direct traffic. Hang tags on rear view mirrors help them to send the cars to the correct destination.

At the dorms, the "Move Crew", which consists of hundreds of student volunteers, help the freshmen and their parents to unload the cars. The Move Crew wears easily identifiable t-shirts. Among the Moove Crew Facts on the back of their shirts are "Avg temperature: Hot" and "Calories burned: Lots".

As cars arrive at the dorms, the Move Crew carries boxes, bags, mirrors, pillows, and everything else into the dorm.

Hannah Tuomi (Women's Basketball) and her parents

For Move In Day, it's "all hands on deck", and members of athletics staff pitch in to help. Candice Storey, Senior Women's Administrator and NCAA Compliance Director, was directing traffic in one of the parking lots.

As an international student, A.J. Ogilvy (Men's Basketball) had moved into the dorm on Friday night. On Saturday morning he joined Director of Basketball Operations Tom Richardson and Assistant Coach King Rice in checking on the other freshmen.

Jence Rhoads (Women's Basketball)

During the day there was time to get settled, followed by meetings for parents and for the freshmen. Then, around 5 p.m., everybody began to line up along 24th Avenue for the Founders Walk.

Rob Ashabranner (Football)

Chris Marve and Kyle Fischer (Football)

Mary Rachel Reynolds, Megan Kinsella, Devan Council (Soccer)

Led by a piper and Acting Chancellor Nick Zeppos, the long line of freshmen and their parents walk down West End to the main gates into the campus.

As they enter campus, they're greeted various student groups along the walkway, by the Board of Trust and other dignitaries on the steps of Kirkland Hall, and returning students who are already on campus like George Smith (Football).

Joel Caldwell and Austin Newton (Football) were on hand to greet their freshman teammates.

The Spirit of Gold made their first official appearance of the year. This year the band will have 200 members, including the freshmen members who were walking with their parents.

Katie Dean and Catherine Wearn (Soccer) carried on the soccer team's tradition of throwing candy to their older teammates.


Rebecca Silinski (Women's Basketball) and parents

A.J. Ogilvy, Darshawn McClellan, and Keegan Bell (Men's Basketball)

Festus Ezeli (Men's Basketball) and friend

The procession ended on Curry Lawn in front of Wilson Hall for the welcoming ceremony.

The festivities ended with a picnic on Alumni Lawn. James Williams, Chris Crooks, Theron Kadri, and Chris Marve (Football) were among the 1600 freshmen who enjoyed the free food.

* * * * *

Photos copyright 2007 by Whitney D for Top Stories