Pete's Pigskin Prognostications - Week 6

Pete picks the SEC.

Last Week 7-0: Season 40-4 

It's been a really strange year for the SEC so far.  No team has shown itself to be really outstanding, or a cut above the rest, and nationally…well, let sleeping dogs lie.  Getting into the meat of the season, it's mostly SEC vs. SEC, with just one cupcake thrown in for flavoring (La-Lay).  I'm watching the Tide and the Dogs, for lack of anything better. 

As usual, I'm just picking winners, the spreads are included for you edification. (Home team Bold type.) 

Alabama (-3.5) vs. Georgia – An impossible game to figure out logically. Each team has as many negatives a positives.  Georgia has not yet played up to their pre-season expectations.  Alabama has a lot of injuries, and has also failed to impress.  I'm going with history and the home team. Alabama 20-17. 

UTK (-12.5) vs. Arkansas – Ho hum, another tune-up for the Orangemen, another team that is sputtering but winning.  Maybe they'll put it together this week for the great pumpkin.  UTK by 25. 

Florida (-13.5) vs. Ole Miss – Eli will probably spend a lot of time on the turf this week.  You can't pass while on the grass with a 300-lb lineman sitting on your head.  UF by 17. 

Louisana-Layfayette vs. Louisiana-State (-29) – Has LSU played a real team yet?  But what a nickname….Ragin' Cajuns. I'll pick LSU by 40 or so.  

South Carolina (-4) vs. Mississippi State – If South Carolina can only beat Vandy by 6, how can they be favored?  On the other hand, how bad is Mississippi State, really?  I think they're pretty bad.  SC by 12. 

Vandy vs. Idle – Idle wins big as Vandy's starting QB is suspended for alleged vandalism and underage drinking. 


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