J2M Stunners- Week 2

J2M presents his Vanderbilt most valuable players for the Alabama-Vanderbilt game. This week Marcus Buggs, Mackenzi Adams, Justin Green and Justin Wheeler are honored.

Alabama 24
Vanderbilt -10


Marcus Buggs LB

Marcus played what might be his best game in black and gold to date. Marcus finished with 8 tackles (I swear I heard his name called more) and a big QB sack on the tide's wilson. In a game where we seriously could have given up it was nice to see that Marcus and the rest of the defense kept on fighting to get the offense the ball back regardless of the situation.

Offensive stunner

Mackenzi Adams QB

Well, this one was tough but I will give it to Mac Adams. Mac could have entered the game unprepared, and unmotivated. Instead Mac entered the game and consistently moved the offense and even managed to hit WR George Smith in the end zone for the Commodores only non flagged TD of the game.

Unsung hero

Justin Green/Justin Wheeler
These two young guns finally saw some quality action. Both Wheeler (a WR who has been talked about for quite some time) and Green ( a true TE on LB mismatch for most defenses at 6' 7") registered three catches each. I look forward to watching both of these players growing into big time SEC players at their positions.

I look at the Alabama game as a "what ever doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger" type game. Now it is only a bad thing if we fail to correct our mistakes.

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