Steve Tchiengang discusses visit to Vandy

During our last segment with Steve Tchiengang, informed you that the 6-8 big man had just narrowed down his list of choices to five programs. It wasn't long thereafter before he began setting up his official visits. With that being said, the gifted power forward just recently took a trip out to Nashville, Tennessee to check out Coach Kevin Stallings and Co., up close and personal. caught up with Tchiengang to get the very latest on his visit to Vanderbilt. Read inside for more details…

When we last spoke with Steve Tchiengang, his top five consisted of Baylor, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Vanderbilt, respectively. Since then, Tchiengang has been working very diligently on mapping out his official visits regarding his personal top five, including one to Vanderbilt.

"I had a chance to take an official visit to Vanderbilt University this past weekend," Tchiengang said. "I've never been to Vanderbilt before, so it was nice to have a chance to check out the school itself, and to see what the athletic program had to offer."

Vanderbilt has been interested in the gifted big man for quite some time now. However, Tchiengang seemed quite intrigued from what he saw regarding the school and their athletic program. "The visit went really well," Tchiengang said. "I had a chance to hang out with the players and the coaches. They were all very nice to me; they really showed me a good time. I got a chance to really see what the program was all about. Vandy is a very good program; I really think they have a lot to offer, especially from an academic standpoint."

Although quite fascinated with his visit to Vanderbilt, Tchiengang feels that the remaining schools of his choice are in good shape to land one of his officials. As of date, he has already scheduled visits to Notre Dame, Baylor, and Oklahoma. "All of the programs that I have listed in my top five are very good academic schools," Tchiengang said. "Being that I know where they are academically, I want to check out each program to see what they have to offer me athletically. I want to be able to pick the program that is going to offer me the best opportunity to play early. Playing time will definitely factor into my decision."

Tchiengang doesn't have a specific timetable for his final decision. However, he did inform that he doesn't want his decision to linger… "I'll be signing during the early period; there's no question about," Tchiengang said. "I think signing early would be better for me and for everybody else around me. It would allow me to focus more on the upcoming (basketball) season. As far as when I'll be committing, I have no clue. I'm just going to continue to gather information and listen to my heart. Who knows, I could make up my mind tomorrow, or I could make up my mind in the next few hours. So for right now, I'll just keep praying about it and listening to my heart so I can make a good decision." will keep you posted on the status of Steve Tchiengang as the clock ticks toward the early signing period. Top Stories