This is the next in our continuing preview of the 2002 SEC Men's basketball season. Today, hoops expert VeeMan gives us a preview of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Returning Players

                     MIN PPG  %FG  %3P  %FT  REB AST


Ezra Williams Sr    1052 16.5 39.7 37.1 76.3 173  65

Rashad Wright Jr    1048  9.1 43.7 28.0 77.1  77 153

Jarvis Hayes Jr      994 17.6 45.2 32.9 75.0 162  44

Chris Daniels Jr     988 11.3 51.2 ---  70.9 256  96

Steve Thomas Jr      801  8.4 46.4 ---  73.6 177  36

Jonas Hayes Jr       583  7.3 55.3 ---  73.1 144  13

Fred Gibson So       199  4.9 44.9 16.0 61.1  19  11

Mike Patrick Sr      188  1.6 43.5 37.5 80.0  16  15

Mike Dean So         148  1.9 34.9 10.0 58.8  10  19 

Players Lost              


Tony Cole            247 5.7  35.1 29.8 84.6  18  35 

New Players and Rank in PrepStars

Damien Wilkins 6'6" Junior (Transfer from NC State)

Julius Lamptey 6'11" Freshman (#72) Will attend prep school

Wayne Arnold 6'4" Freshman (#214)

Alexander Johnson 6'9" Freshman (#50) Will attend prep school

Clark Williams 6'6" Freshman (unranked) 


(1) There is a lot of firepower. Jarvis Hayes (6'6"), Ezra Williams (6'4"), Chris Daniels (6'7"), Jonas Hayes (6'6'), and Damien Wilkins are all known for being able to score a lot points.

(2) The free-throw shooting was very good last year and figures to continue to be a strength of this team.

(3) Rashad Wright (6'0") is an efficient point guard, with better than a 2:1 ratio of assists to turnovers in 2001-2002.

(4) Coach Jim Harrick has proved that he can coach well in the SEC. He got off to a rocky start, running several players off, but he did a marvellous job of holding things together last year in the face of injuries and criminal charges against Tony Cole and Steve Thomas.

(5) There is a lot of experience, with all starters returning. 


(1) Georgia was not a strong rebounding team last season. Lamptey (290 lbs) and Johnson would have improved them in this area, and are the main reason that Georgia had the #32 rated freshman class, according to PrepStars.

(2) Wilkins, who scored 11.7 ppg in his sophomore year at NC State, will need to prove that he can fit in. He left the Wolfpack because he couldn't have his own way. Offhand it isn't clear who he will supplant in the starting lineup.

(3) Georgia has lost most of its freshman recruits because of academic ineligibility. Lamptey and Johnson, the tallest and heaviest players in the recruiting class, and the ones counted upon for improved rebounding, will have to attend prep school for a year. Wayne Arnold, Georgia high school basketball player of the year in 2001-2002, will be available after completing his studies in August. Walk-on Clark Williams, although a good prospect, is not the big man that the Bulldogs need. Daniels, Williams, and Jarvis Hayes did do a tremendous job of rebounding last year, considering their lack of size.

(4) The backcourt reserves are largely unproven (Dean, 6'2"; Gibson, 6'4" and a football player; Patrick, a 6'4" walk-on; and Arnold). Wilkins is likely to play a lot at shooting guard. 


(1) Will Damien Wilkins fit in? In the past, he (and his father) have seemed to have an inflated idea of his ability. He won't play either the point or the low post, so he would have to supplant either Ezra Williams, Chris Daniels, or Jarvis Hayes, all of whom are coming off solid seasons. Would he be willing to be the sixth man?

(2) Can Georgia continue to get such good team play as last year? Probably no other team in the conference had its players complementing each other so well last year. This must continue if the Bulldogs are going to live up to their potential. 

Near Certainties

Georgia will be a good offensive team. Rashad Wright will do a fine job of running the offense, even though not attracting much attention.  

Prospects for 2002-2003

Georgia's 22-10 record last year was amazing. The team should be as good or better this year. The Bulldogs figure to be on a par with the Kentucky Wildcats in the east and the two teams are likely to fight it out for second place. If the Bulldogs get the rebounding they need, they will edge out the Cats, a team of questionmarks. Georgia will again go to the NCAA tournament and win a couple of games there this time. Top Stories