Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

First App State, then compass point South Florida. What's the football world coming to? Next thing you know, football players will be actually required to do their own classwork.......nah, the world is not totally upside down.

Week 3
(7-2 last week, 18-2 overall)
Frequently in error, never in doubt

For those of you who want to see picks against the spread, go elsewhere. For the rest of you.........

Arkansas @ Alabama – Neither of these teams has done anything impressive so far this year. The home team gets the nod when information is lacking. Tide by 5.

Mississippi State @ Auburn – Coffee break's over Bulldogs; back on your heads. Auburn by 31.

UTK @ FloridaTennessee Seems somewhat banged up for so early in the season. It could hurt them in the heat of North Florida. Florida by 8.

Western Carolina @ Georgia – Georgia didn't do so good against the South part of Carolina. They should have much better luck against the Western part. Ga by 34.

Louisville @ Kentucky – Opening with two cupcakes is not a good way to toughen yourself up for your main in-state rival. UK and UL both beat up two inferior teams the last two weeks, giving us nothing to base a prediction on other than wishful thinking.

Louisville by 20.

MTSU @ LSU – Just because the Blue Raiders can beat Vandy doesn't mean they can compete with the top echelon of the SEC. LSU could almost have named the score against a good Virginia Tech team last week. This one could get ugly. LSU by 56.

South Carolina State @ South Carolina – After working his genius last week against Georgia, the evil genius will be hard-pressed to keep his players minds on this weak sister. It may be close early, but SC will dominate the second half. SC by 24.

Mississippi @ Vanderbilt – The urge is almost overwhelming to pick Mississippi, just to get those E-mails coming in and the name-calling started on Vandymania. Despite that, Vandy's strengths and weaknesses match up well against the Rebels. This is the pivotal game in Bobby Johnson's career at VU, and everybody knows it. Whistling past the graveyard.... Vandy by 3.

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