Women's Hoops: Jumbotron fun photos

On Thursday the southwest corner of Memorial Gym transformed into a temporary studio to record the video footage for the jumbotron during the upcoming season. Whitney D stopped by gym during the afternoon and shares these photos from the video shoot.

The video shoot started in the morning and continued throughout the day. As their schedules permitted, the student-athletes came to the gym for their turn in front of the camera, working around their busy schedule of classes, workouts on the court and time in the weightroom.

By the middle of the afternoon, footage for the men's team was complete, but the most of the women's team had yet to make their appearance.

Each player was asked to do specific things for the video camera. Freshman post Rebecca Silinski listens to instructions for the first film sequence.

The green screen in the background will allow the video producer to place the appropriate background into the final product. Freshman guard Chanel Chisholm takes her turn.

When it's time to film the "It's good to be gold!" spots, the microphone moves in close.

For the head shot, the players first look down towards the floor. Freshman post Hannah Tuomi shows how it's done.

Then, on cue, they lift their head and look into the camera with a solemn expression on their face.

Finally, again on cue, their expression changes to a smile.

Another assignment is to point to their uniform number, or to tug on it, like freshman guard Jence Rhoads is doing in this photo.

Some of the players have special assignments. Jason Silvers, director of marketing for women's basketball, tells junior guard/forward Tina Wirth what she needs to do.

Finally, for the new gametime video, footage is needed of each of the players clapping in time to the music. Sophomore guard Jessica Mooney and Tina did their part together.

The sizes of the groups varied depending on who was available at that particular moment.

Sophomore guard Ashlee Bridge (front) and senior post Liz Sherwood (center) joined Hannah and Chanel for their segment.

Sophomore posts Amy Malo and Amber Norton paired up.

When it was Jence's turn, nobody else was around, so she had to go it alone.

At the end of a long day, the videographers, Brian Seeliger and Mike Murrian, stepped out from behind the camera for a "It's good to be gold!" photo with Amber, Jason, and Amy.

* * * * *

Photos copyright 2007 by Whitney D for VandyMania.com

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