Hightower Eyeing Vanderbilt

Dont'a Hightower is definitely no stranger to the city of Nashville. The 6-2, 245 pound LB/RB has been making guest appearances at Vanderbilt University to check on the 2007 Commodores. VandyMania.com hooked up with the Marshall County High standout to get the very latest on his recent visits. Read further for the inside scoop.

Dont'a Hightower profile

With the 2007 (high school) season into full swing, LB/RB Dont'a Hightower has somehow managed to fit the Commodores into his busy schedule for a couple of unofficial visits. Dont'a informed VandyMania.com that he has been to Nashville twice already this season to see the Commodores in action. He was in attendance at the Richmond and Alabama games. Hightower shares his thoughts with us regarding the Richmond game first… "At the Richmond game, things got off to a slow start," Dont'a said. "But once they (Vanderbilt) got their wheels turning, they did a lot of damage. They showed me that they knew how to play as a team, and how to play as one."

Despite a 24-10 loss to the Crimson Tide, Hightower gave VandyMania.com the impression that the experience was still very absorbing. "At the Alabama game, they had a couple of questionable calls," Dont'a said. "But they still showed me that they could come together as a team and play hard whenever things aren't going their way."

Although both of his trips were highlight by watching the Commodores in action, Dont'a also took pleasure in getting more acquainted with the Vanderbilt coaching staff. "I was able to meet up with Coach Bobby Johnson, and all of the other coaches before the games," he said. "I had a chance to sit down and talk with all of them before we went down to the field."

Dont'a appears to be very big on the SEC, to say the least. He feels that playing in the SEC would give him an opportunity to compete on the highest level. With that being said, his top five consists of four SEC programs. His list includes Vanderbilt, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech, respectively.

With Vanderbilt competing against some of the nation's elite for his services, the Commodores' depth chart could definitely factor into the equation before it's all said and done. With DE Curtis Gatewood departing after the 2007 season, Vandy's depth chart could actually work into Hightower's favor. "Right now they're (Vanderbilt) looking at me as a DL or LB," Dont'a said. "They compare me a lot to one of their defensive ends; number 48 I think. They said when they look at him, they see me. It think it has a lot to do with our size and speed."

Dont'a has not set up any official visits as of date, and seems a bit uncertain about where he will be taking them. He will continue gathering information on each program and will come to a decision when he feels most comfortable. Stay tuned for more on Dont'a Hightower.

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