More Photo Fun for Vanderbilt Women

On Tuesday afternoon Memorial Gym once again became a studio. Last week a team of videographers filmed footage for the jumbotron. This week the women's basketball team posed for still photographs for various purposes. Whitney D stopped to get some photos of her own and shares these photos.

The photos from the afternoon photo shoot will be used for a variety of purposes. First, photos are needed for the team's media guide, the book that provides detailed information for the media, fans, high school prospects, and anyone one else who wants to learn more about the women's basketball program at Vanderbilt.

Locating action shots of returning players is easy because there is a wealth of photos from games in previous years. However, since the freshmen are new to the team, there isn't an archive of photos for them. So the first order of business is to shoot staged action shots of the freshmen. In this photo, Vanderbilt photographer Daniel Dubois shoots Hannah Tuomi, while Jence Rhoads looks on.

All of the returning players on the team have been through this before, so while the freshmen are on the court, the veterans offering helpful advice from the bench and generally enjoying the show. In this photo: Jen Risper, Tina Wirth, Amber Norton and Amy Malo.

Daniel takes photos of the players doing different things - passing, dribbling, and shooting and the best ones will be chosen for the media guide. In this photo: Rebecca Silinski.

Next it's time for the "horizontal" team photo. This year, the new Vanderbilt star at center court is big enough for the entire team.

Front row, left to right: Amber Norton, Hannah Tuomi, Amy Malo, Liz Sherwood, Jence Rhoads, and Tina Wirth.

Back row, left to right: Lauren Lueders, Jessica Mooney, Jence Rhoads, Ashlee Bridge, Chanel Chisholm, Jen Risper, and Merideth Marsh.

After the formal official photos are done, someone yells, "Funny picture!", and everybody responds in their own way.

Then it's time for photos by class, beginning with the freshmen.

Each class poses for several photos, the traditional group photo with smiles, then various kinds of "fun" photos. The freshmen class: Chanel Chisholm, Rebecca Silinski, Hannah Tuomi, and Jence Rhoads.

For the sophomore class, Amber Norton, Amy Malo, and Ashlee Bridge are the back row. Lauren Lueders, Jessica Mooney, and Merideth Marsh are in the front.

Last but not least, it's time for the upper classmen: Junior Jen Risper, senior Liz Sherwood, and junior Tina Wirth.

On the way to the opposite corner of the gym, fun spontaneously breaks out. No injuries occurred. Rebecca Silinski and Jence Rhoads look on as Merideth Marsh gives a hand to Jen Risper and Chanel Chisholm.

Order is restored, and it's time for the "vertical" team photo. ("Vertical" refers to the arrangement of the team, not to the position of the photographer.)

For the "fun" photo, the players were asked to pretend like they were singing in the choir loft of a church. After a few moments, they went one better and broke into an actual song, ending with a flourish.

After that, most of the team is finished for the day, but work remains for Tina Wirth and Liz Sherwood. Eric Nichols, Director of Marketing and Promotions for the athletics program, needs some photos for various purposes and talks with Daniel, Liz and Tina about what's needed.

Meanwhile, Brandon Barca, the Director of Online Services for Vanderbilt Athletics, works with Jessica Mooney on the current "Ask a Dore" feature on the official Vanderbilt website, Brandon also brought a camera and took photos during the photo shoot for an online photo gallery for the website.

While Brandon was busy with Jessica, he handed his camera over to Tina, the de facto team photographer.

As a senior, Liz will be featured on the schedule cards that the marketing department produces. The photos from this part of the photo shoot will be used for other marketing purposes, including new billboards that will appear at various locations in town over the course of the season.

After Liz finishes, it's Tina's turn. That wraps up the preseason photo shoots at Vanderbilt, but there's one more big one ahead. In three weeks, the SEC will hold the annual media day for the conference in Birmingham, Alabama. All the men's and women's basketball coaches and player representatives from each team in the conference will attend for a whirlwind two-hour session of radio and TV interviews, press conferences, and photo shoots. And then, at last, it will be time for the season to begin.

* * * * *

Photos copyright 2007 by Whitney D for Top Stories