Pete's Pigskin Prognostications- week 7

Pete Fox continues his amazing run at predicting the SEC. Despite an off week last week Pete continues to have the best record of all the experts(that we are aware of) predicting SEC games on network.


Last Week 3-2:  Season 43-6

What's going on out there?  Six overtime periods for UTK to beat Arkansas?  Ole Miss beating Florida?  Doesn't anybody want to establish themselves?  Georgia, I guess, is the team to beat, but they haven't looked good against anybody.  This week is good for couch potatoes.  UTK – UGA at 3:30, and SC – UK at 6:30, and maybe rain in the morning so you don't have to cut the grass.

 Saying of the week:  "When you play with an oblate spheroid, sometimes the angle of incidence doesn't seem to equal the angle of reflection."

 As usual, I'm just picking winners, the spreads are included for you edification.  (Home team Bold type.)

 Auburn (-6) vs. Arkansas – The emotional letdown after losing a game like the did to UTK must be tremendous.  Arkansas can't overcome that, plus the Plainsmen are a better team.  Auburn by 17.

 Ole Miss (-28.5) vs. Arkansas State -  No comment. Ole Miss by 40.

 Mississippi State (-11) vs. Troy State -  The cowbell should have no problem.  MSU to win by 25.

 Kentucky (-7) vs. South Carolina – This should be a good game to watch, but I'm going to the VU game.  The Wildcats seem to be playing better than the Chickens. Neither team has played a particularly impressive schedule, so it's hard to get a handle on the game.  Home field should be the deciding factor for the Big Blue.  UK 20-13.

 Florida (-8.5) vs. LSU -  No problem for Grossman this week.  Gators win 28-17.

 Georgia  (-3) vs. UTK – All Georgia does is win, and look bad doing it.  If the Dawgs bring the same refs as they had for the Alabama game, it won't be close, but they'll probably have a different crew.  UGA by 3, 24-21.

 Vandy (-5.5) vs. MTSU – After the Georgia Tech game, with VU playing like warmed over dog poo, and MTSU playing the socks off Alabama, I looked at this as a pretty sure loss for the Commodores.  Subsequent events have changed my mind.  Despite the Blue Raiders 0-5 mark, they're still a pretty good team.  VU is much better than expected, though.  With MTSU's Hicks hobbling, and a competent coaching staff for VU, I see this as a Vandy win, 28-17.

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