Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

Only those tricky Mildcats kept me from a perfect week last week. They suffered through a meltdown of truly Vanderbilt-esque proportions. Just so typical...big game, national press recognition, "turning point game" = disaster. This week promises to be a real breather for pickers (I'll probably go 1-5.)

Week 7
(7-1 last week, 43-8 overall)
Frequently in error, never in doubt

For those of you who want to see picks against the spread, go elsewhere. For the rest of you.........

Alabama @ Mississippi – Alabama beats Vandy by 14 in Nashville. Vandy beats Ole Miss by 14 in Nashville. While football scores aren't necessarily transitive, it adds up to trouble for the Rebels. Tide by 14.

UTK @ Mississippi State – If I were inclined to pick an upset this week, this would be the game. The Vawls may conclude that they have ownership of all Bulldogs, and take the Mississippi State breed to be the same as that in Georgia. They will find out otherwise on Saturday, but should eke out a victory. UTK by 2.

LSU @ Kentucky – On paper this looks like a no-brainer for the Tigers, but Kentucky has shown itself to be extremely dangerous. LSU by 5.

South Carolina @ North Carolina – The chickens get to pound on a mid-season wimp. if UNC is as generous with the ball as UK was last week, this one could get ugly early. SC by 22.

Auburn @ Arkansas – So which Auburn team will show up this week? I'm betting on the one that drilled Vandy last week. Auburn by 10.

Georgia @ Vanderbilt – Vanderbilt is melting down faster than the wicked witch in "The Wizard of Oz". Quarterback questions, offensive line questions, play-calling questions....more questions than Jeopardy. At least Alex Trebek has the answers. Bobby Johnson seems to have none of them. Dawgs by 20.

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