Report Card: Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina

It's in the record books now. Vanderbilt 17 South Carolina 6. analyzes every element of the Commodores's performance and assigns a grade to each area.



South Carolina

Scored and 'A' in the first half and a 'C' in the second half for a overall 'B'. George Smith made a great catch of an Adams pass in the corner of the end zone. Justin Wheeler also contributed to a solid passing game by snaring a 20-yard touchdown pass from Adams. Hats off to Austin Monahan for picking up the first reception of his career at Vandy. Earl Bennett was tightly covered but still managed to pick up 2 catches. Adams was more accurate in the first half than the second. He was the best quarterback overall on the field on Saturday for either team.
Mackenzi Adams picked up good yardage rushing for the second straight week. He finished with 84 yards rushing and averaged an impressive 6 yards a carry. Cassen Jackson-Garrison, Jeff Jennings and Jared Hawkins also chipped in some yards. Jackson-Garrison had some back breaking runs late in the game that helped destroy any hope of a USC comeback by eating up precious time.
Wow. Seven sacks including one each from Ryan Hamilton, Marcus Buggs, Patrick Benoist, Curtis Gatewood, Broderick Stewart, Darlron Spead and Theo Horrocks. Three interceptions including two by D.J. Moore and another by Goff. Two of those interceptions likely prevented South Carolina scores and the other setup a Vandy touchdown.
Wow again. Vanderbilt limited the Gamecocks to just 26 yards net rushing during the game and just 76 yards total if you add in the 50 yards USC lost from sacks. Jonathan Goff, Patrick Benoist, Marcus Buggs and others all made big plays to force the Gamecocks to go to the pass.
Brett Upson was phenomenal punting 8 times for a 40-yard average and putting 6 of the punts inside the Gamecock 20-yard-line. Bryant Hahnfeldt got Vandy on the board early with his successful 32-yard field goal. He missed another from 35 yards. Moore returned 3 kickoffs and averaged over 33 yards kickoff return. He had a 40-yard kickoff return to start the game that turned the field in Vandy's favor early. Even though that initial drive didn't go anywhere an Upson punt ultimately pinned the Gamecocks at their own 3-yard-line.
Great work picking the team up after the heartbreaking loss to Georgia. After much criticism about their conservative play calling the coaching staff stuck with their coaching principles and picked up a huge win for the Vandy program. Sure Vandy didn't score in the second half but neither did South Carolina. Now the staff must get the team in focus for a dangerous Miami (Ohio) team. The win over USC was great but what a ugly feeling it would be to blow a win against the Red Hawks.
A super win over a tough opponent in a hostile environment. You can't ask for much more than that. The offense, while it did struggle some, did what it had to do to give the Commodores a good lead. They defense and special teams were outstanding. Top Stories