Interview: Melanie Balcomb

<STRONG>After opening practice followed by television interviews, Head Coach Melanie Balcomb talked with VandyMania about the first day of practice. Here's what she had to say.</STRONG>

VM: Can you talk about today's practice -- what you hoped to accomplish and what you saw?

Coach Balcomb: What I hoped to accomplish was to set the tone for how we practice, how we prepare, what kind of intensity they have to bring every day, what kind of work ethic, what kind of attitude, and what kind of enthusiasm. Effort, attitude, and enthusiasm are three things that they can control. So I think that they were very nervous, not knowing. The summer was very laid back. It's different. It's not the same. But I thought they did an excellent job. I couldn't ask for anything more from them, so I'm very very pleased.

VM: For the players, what are the biggest changes or adjustments they're having to make from what their used to to what they need to do in the new system?

Coach Balcomb: They have to think on the move. They're a good thinking team. Now they have to think while they're moving, and we do things on the move and on the run. We go fast to go slow. We change speeds a lot. And they have a tendency right now when they go fast to get out of control. So we're learning to teach a lot of on-the-move, a lot of fullcourt, and a lot of things differently. I think the biggest thing is learning to create that sense of controlled speed. We're a very controlled speed team, and that's what's very different. We'll still be very different than -- we don't go fast to go fast, but we go fast to go slow. It's all about changing speed.

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