Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

It should be obvious by now that I haven't got a clue as to what the results are going to be in this SEC football season. My only consolation is that I am certainly not alone with this problem. Some things never change, though. The Great Pumpkin has managed to have a late-season "suspension game" so the accumulated second chancers and "team rules" violators can take a week off without consequence.

Week 10
(4-2 last week, 56-13 overall)
Frequently in error, never in doubt

For those of you who want to see picks against the spread, go elsewhere. For the rest of you.........

South Carolina @ Arkansas – Might as well flip a coin for this matchup. Will the SC team from the first half last week show up, or the one from the second half? In a close game it's hard for me to pick a team that has lost at home to VU, so Pigs by 3.

Tennessee Tech @ Auburn – Auburn, 42-7

Northwestern State @ Mississippi – Another State compass point appears on the SEC radar, but which state? Thanks to the internet, I find that it's northwestern Louisiana. Earlier in the year, Northwestern (Louisiana) lost to Northeastern (Massachusetts) 42-14. Ole Miss should enjoy the breather 51-10.

LSU @ Alabama – The Tide will still be reading their press clippings about how good they are after stomping UTK. The bad new is UTK virtually gave them the game. By the time the Red elephants awaken, it will be too late. LSU 24-14.

Louisiana-Lafayette @ UTK – La-La land ventures into the SEC again, with predictable results. UTK by 35.

Troy @ Georgia – Honorary SEC member Troy tries one last time to win over the heavyweights. Looks like another 20+ loss for the men of Troy (I wonder if anybody on the team is named Homer?) Doggies by 22.

Vanderbilt @ Florida – The plethora of injuries on both teams makes this a particularly difficult game to figure. Vandy can't hope to compete against the Gators without a viable passing game, regardless of their defensive abilities. Florida's injuries will somewhat counteract this but the swamp lizards will prevail, 17-3.

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