J2M Stunners- Week 9

J2M presents his Vanderbilt most valuable players for the Vanderbilt-Florida game. This week Marcus Buggs, Sean Walker and Jake Bradford are honored.

Vanderbilt 22
Florida 49

Offensive Stunner

# 7 Sean walker

On a day when the offense isn't clicking and you are having a hard time getting the football you have two options:

1) Stop caring and play half-hearted and hope that your coaches will just try to end the game as quickly as possible.

2) Play as if the game is tied and make every catch count as much as possible. In other words, continue to fight.

Sean Walker chose to fight. Walker responded to the Gators efforts to stop the Commodore passing game by going out and establishing himself. Walker's final yards came on a short route in which walker turned into a big gain by dragging Gator defenders for several yards before finally being gang tackled. Walker was a great example of fighting on no matter what the circumstances are. Sean "Wrens" Walker finished the day with four catches for fifty yards with one hell of an effort on a twenty-nine yard gain.

Defensive Stunner

#24 Marcus Buggs

The Gator Offense had a mission Saturday. Florida wanted to take Jonathan Goff and D.J. Moore and make them non-factors. Mission accomplished to an extent. What Florida did not account for was the Commodores Marcus Buggs making big plays. The Gators first punt (which we botched) of the day was forced when quarterback Tim Tebow took off looking for a first down only to be tackled short due to #24. Marcus Buggs (Reshard Langford also had 10 tackles on Saturday) stat line: 10 total tackles, six solo and 1.5 tackles for lost yardage.

Honorable Mention

#85 Jake Bradford

I mentioned Jake for his blocking efforts against Richmond earlier in the year. This week Jake gets his mention this week for his efforts receiving. Vanderbilt was behind 14-0 to Florida when Mackenzi Adams connected with Bradford for a 35-yard completion putting Vanderbilt in position to cut the early Gator lead to 14-7.

In summary I would like to say that it would have been very easy to fold after Florida came out red hot against the Commodores and established control of this game. There were several examples of our players not giving up and continuing to fight (such as Dalron Spead's defensive touchdown) and not giving up. The Commodores have several question marks, which need to be answered before Kentucky arrives in Nashville. Vanderbilt lost a game to a very good football team Saturday. It happens. The DORES now have a chance to get that elusive sixth win of the season, at home, in front of the home crowd. BE THERE EARLY and BE LOUD.


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