Morris: Commodores must regroup

In sports it is very important to have a short memory. Teams cannot afford to ride high on victories or dwell on defeats for to long. It has never been more important for the Vanderbilt Commodores than it is this week. They need to be able to put Saturday's 49-22 defeat by the Gators behind them and get ready for a huge Southeastern Conference game with the Kentucky Wildcats this weekend.

That is about the only good news the Commodores are bringing back with them from "The Swamp." Vanderbilt had hoped to be able to limit the production of Tim Tebow because of his inability to run. While Tebow had 35 yards rushing on 6 carries, he had a monster day through the air throwing for 281 yards and 3 touchdowns. He completed 81% of his passes on the day. The Vanderbilt defense just was not ever able to find any answers for the Gator passing attack.

The other key to slowing the Gators offense is containing Percy Harvin. The Commodores were not able to accomplish this on Saturday. Harvin ran the ball 11 times for 113 yards and caught 9 passes for 110 yards. Unfortunately for the Commodores, Harvin was not the only weapon used by Tebow in this game. Andre Caldwell had 9 catches of his own for 103 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The key for Vanderbilt to have success on offense was to control the clock and keep the high-powered Gator offense off the field. Vanderbilt actually had the edge in time of possession in this game, but it was only because the Florida offense scored so quickly. The best way to keep the opposing offense off the field is with a successful running game. The Commodores were never able to get their running game going on Saturday. The Vanderbilt rushing attack only totaled 106 yards on 33 carries.

The Vanderbilt passing attack struggled as well. Mackenzie Adams was just 16 of 32 for 159 yards, 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Earl Bennett had just 5 catches for 31 yards. Bennett needed to have a big game, as he had in the last two meetings with Florida, for the Commodores to have any success on Saturday. The toughest thing for the Vanderbilt offense was they had to become one dimensional so early in the game. They faced a 28-point deficit at halftime. This allowed the Gators to not respect the run at all and just play the pass.

One game does not a season make. That is the biggest thing that the Commodores should take away from this game. They just have to put this one behind them and focus on the task at hand, which is beating the Kentucky Wildcats this Saturday at Vanderbilt Stadium. A win against the Wildcats will make this loss a distant memory. Top Stories