He's back, he's bad... he's huge!

Sophomore center Brian Thornton, who added 25 pounds to his frame in the offseason, chatted with VandyMania after a recent practice session regarding his conditioning program and the upcoming basketball season.

VandyMania: I just watched some of your first practice. It looked very intense. Tell me your thoughts on it.

Brian Thornton: Yeah, we definitely had a very intense practice. Coach just wanted us to go out and work hard. We've had a whole summer where everybody's worked hard, and everybody was looking forward to going out there today, and just doing what they can do to help our team get better.

VandyMania: He had you running a lot of sprints at the end of practice. Is that fairly typical?

Brian Thornton: Well, we've been going through preseason conditioning, and Coach just wants to keep us conditioned. Practice was definitely very intense today, but Coach did give us a little extra conditioning today. I think it was good for us.

VandyMania: You look a lot bigger than last season. What are you up to now? Can you tell me about your offseason program to put on weight?

Brian Thornton: I've definitely put on some weight. Last year I was probably about 240. I'm probably up to about 265 right now, so I've put on about 25 pounds. I put it on during the summer. I was down here for most of the summer working out, and working with Coach Mark Davis in the weight room. I feel pretty good about myself and where I'm at right now.

VandyMania: A little bit of Magic's cooking too, perhaps?

Brian Thornton: Yeah, definitely. Magic does a good job of keeping us fed and keeping weight on us when we need to.

VandyMania: As you guys look back at last year, you had some high points, and some real low points in the season. Talk about what your goals are for this season. Have you set any team goals just yet?

Brian Thornton: Last year we had an up and down season, like you said. This year we're just looking to be more consistent. We have a very tough schedule-- probably one of the toughest schedules in the nation. It gets started right away, too. So we're just looking to go out, play hard each game, and hopefully make a tough showing throughout the season and into SEC play.

VandyMania: You've got a couple of freshmen who really looked good to me today. I especially thought those two guards looked good. Talk about which of them have impressed you so far.

Brian Thornton: Really all our freshmen are doing a good job so far. Everybody's working hard. I was really impressed with the way Adam [Payton] and Mario [Moore] played today, but that doesn't take away from Ted [Skuchas] and Julian [Terrell] and Geoff [Peck]. They also worked very hard today. So personally, I'm really proud of them, and I'm looking forward to continuing to practice with them as we all get better.

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