Interview: Vanderbilt commit John Jenkins

Station Camp (Gallatin, Tenn.) shooting guard John Jenkins made a big decision on Sunday night as he decided to play his college ball at Vanderbilt University. VandyMania spoke with Jenkins and found out more about his playing skills and the road to Vanderbilt.

Don Yates: I heard you committed to Vanderbilt?
John Jenkins: Yes sir, I did last night.

DY: Congratulations!
JJ: Thank you. I appreciate it.

DY: So are you excited about that?
JJ: Yes sir. I'm really am. I'm going to be playing for a National Championship.

DY: They are doing pretty good so far. Have you been watching them?
JJ: I've watched a few of their games. I've been watching them.

DY: How is Station Camp looking this year?
JJ: We are 6-2 and we have a game tomorrow against Friendship Christian. We need to do better on defense.

DY: What are some of your strengths on the floor?
JJ: Just shooting, ball handling and getting to the basket. Coach played me pretty much as more of a everything 1 through 5 type player. I just try to do whatever is best for the team.

DY: Do you shoot a lot of threes?
JJ: I shoot threes and mid range. I don't know what you could say that I do the most.

DY: You're primarily a shooting guard?
JJ: Yes sir.

DY: Dave Telep mentioned that you were told would be taking a role like Shan Foster?
JJ: I guess coach was talking about me just being another player like Foster. I've talked to him (VU Asst. Dan Muller) a lot. He's helped me out with a lot of things.

DY: What are some of your stats?
JJ: I average 30 points and 8 rebounds right now.

DY: Wow! 30 points and 8 rebounds and your a junior?
JJ: Yes. I averaged 22 a game as a junior.

DY: So when you are a senior you'll average like 45, huh?
JJ: [laughs] maybe!

DY: What is your 3-point shooting percentage?
JJ: About 45 or 50 percent.

DY: So how do you shoot your threes, do you get setup for shots or do you do the quick release thing?
JJ: Yeah, quick release. I just shoot them however them come. If it takes screens or using my ball handling to get me open; just whatever to get me open.

DY: When did Vanderbilt first start recruiting you?
JJ: They were looking at me in the summer time. You know who Drew Maddox is, right?

DY: Yes, I do.
JJ: He's my AAU coach. I think he pretty much helped get them to my school to look at me more. He told Coach Stallings about me and got me a little bit more exposure with them and they liked what they saw.

DY: Which VU coach recruited you?
JJ: Dan Muller.

DY: When did you visit and how did it go?
JJ: I visited one Saturday for the Georgia football game just to meet the coaches and watch them practice. It was pretty good, I liked everything. I left at halftime and we were winning. When I found out that they had lost I was surprised.

DY: What did the Vanderbilt coaches say when you told them you were committing to them?
JJ: They were real excited.

DY: Did you talk to Coach Stallings?
JJ: I called coach Muller. Coach Stallings was on a radio show when I committed so I couldn't really get hold of him so I called Coach Muller and he contacted Coach Stallings.

DY: How do your parents feel about your decision to go to Vanderbilt?
JJ: They love it. I'm close to home. They can see me play whenever they want to. I'm going to get a great education and I'm looking at playing a lot my freshman year.

DY: What other schools have offered you?
JJ: I got offers from Mississippi State, Alabama and most of the mid majors around Tennessee. Tennessee and Kentucky were on the verge of offering me but I just went ahead and committed to Vanderbilt.

DY: What if Tennessee, Kentucky or lets say Duke offers you in a couple of months? What will you do?
JJ: I'm sticking with Vanderbilt [laughs].

DY: Any idea what you'll major in at Vanderbilt?
JJ: I talked it over with my family and people at my school, all the coaches, and I guess I'm thinking about majoring in business. That could change at any time, I'm not sure yet.

DY: Do you do any other sports other than basketball?
JJ: No, just basketball. Top Stories