Interview: Vanderbilt commit Dexter Daniels

The Vanderbilt coaching staff picked up its 13th commit last week when linebacker/tight end Dexter Daniels announced he was heading to Nashville. VandyMania spoke with the talented player and found out some interesting facts about this outstanding prospect.

Don Yates: What did you think when they announced you were the Alabama 1A Lineman of the Year?
Dexter Daniels: At first I was a little surprised. I didn't really know any of the other guys. I thought I had a good chance to get it. I was excited.

DY: Well, congratulations on that. Talk about your play on the field. What makes you a great player?
DD: Determination. Being able to step up this year because we lost 15 seniors from last year. Trying to get to the next level in college.

DY: What positions did you play at Brantley?
DD: Linebacker and tight end.

DY: How did your school's season end up? I heard you guys were roughing some other teams up.
DD: Yes, sir. We finished 10-2.

DY: How many tackles and sacks did you have this year?
DD: I had 122 tackles and eight sacks.

DY: What were you stats at tight end?
DD: I had 20 catches for 195 yards and two touchdowns.

DY: When did you first hear from Vanderbilt?
DD: They had been sending me letters since the beginning of the season. I talked to coach [Charlie] Fisher in the middle of the season.

DY: When did you visit Vandy?
DD: I haven't visited. I'm going to visit in January.

DY: What other schools recruited you?
DD: Southern Miss, Georgia Southern, Ole Miss, Alabama State and Jacksonville State.

DY: What schools offered you?
DD: Jacksonville State and Southern Miss.

DY: What are some things you really liked about Vanderbilt.
DD: I'll be able to get a good education and it's SEC.

DY: What is your height/weight/40?
DD: 6-1, 210. 4.7.

DY: How did the Vanderbilt coaches say you'd be utilized at Vandy?
DD: They said I'd be playing linebacker.

DY: Have you decided on a major yet?
DD: Mechanical Engineering.

DY: I understand you are a pretty good basketball player too. What position do you play?
DD: Forward.

DY: How many points do you score a game?
DD: We had a tournament this week and I had 13 in the first game and 16 or 17 in the last two games. I don't know my average.

DY: Congratulations on that. Do you play any other sports?
DD: I'm playing baseball this year. I played in like the ninth grade; I haven't played since then but I'm going to play this year.

DY: Who is Jeff Daniels?
DD: He's my cousin. He played linebacker too. He signed a scholarship to Troy last year but they sent him to Northeast Mississippi Junior College. He's supposed to go to Troy after he finishes at Northeast.

DY: Dexter, thanks for talking with us. You have a Merry Christmas.
DD: Merry Christmas to you too.

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