Taylor Loftley Down to Two

A couple of months ago when VandyMania talked with Taylor Loftley Vanderbilt, Duke and South Carolina were his three favorite schools. VandyMania has learned that Loftley has narrowed his choice of schools to two. Read inside to find out which two schools are the finalists for this outstanding defensive lineman.

Now that Taylor Loftley's prep football career is in the books, the 6-2, 250 pound DL has had a little more time to ponder over his recruitment. With that being said, Taylor currently has two programs sitting at the top of his list. VandyMania.com caught up with the Chamblee High star to get the very latest.

Chamblee High's hope for a state title ended a little pre-maturely this past fall. However DL Taylor Loftley seemed quite pleased with the progress his team made on the field. "I think we did really well this season," Loftley said. "We went to the semifinals; we lost 26-24 to the eventual state champions."

Now that football is over and recruiting has shifted into the forefront, it has come down to two programs for the talented defensive lineman. As of date, it appears that Loftley's decision will ultimately come down to South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

In an effort to make the best decision possible, Loftley has already scheduled official visits with both programs. He will be at the University of South Carolina from the 11th-13th of January, and will be in Nashville, Tennessee the following weekend from the 18th-20th.

Although Taylor is being tugged from several different directions, the young man has been handling things quite well… "I have been getting interests from a lot of schools," Loftley said. "But, I have been letting them know that I am not really interested. I've been letting them know that I've been focusing on Vanderbilt and South Carolina."

Taylor had initial plans to study Sports Medicine in college. However, he is not 100% certain to date. At any rate, whatever program he does decide to study, we are certain that his grades will be in good shape to do so. "I'm looking pretty good," Loftley said in regards to his academic status. "My GPA right now is probably around a 3.2. I have already gotten my scores back from the SAT; I made a 1780."

Taylor has no particular date set for his commitment. It appears to be all about timing to him, and the feeling has not struck… "I am really playing it by ear right now, Loftley said. "Whenever it (decision) comes to me, I guess that's when I'll make my final choice. But for right now, I am not really sure."

We will continue to stay on top of Taylor Loftley's recruitment as the clock continues to tick towards Signing Day 2008. Stay tuned with VandyMania.com for the very latest regarding one of Chamblee High's finest…

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