Seandre Richardson Discusses Visit to Vandy

Back in the month of November, Seandre Richardson took his recruitment to another level when he began setting up his official visits. The first stop on Seandre's list was Vanderbilt University. The 6-2, 180 pound S/WR talked with about his trip to Nashville and his personal top three. Read inside for more details.

Seandre Richardson recently took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee to check in with Coach Bobby Johnson and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Seandre admitted to that he did not know what to expect on his official visit to Vanderbilt. However, it appears that the trip turned out to be a little more fruitful that he had anticipated.

"I really had a great time up there," Seandre said. "What made me feel most comfortable was how well everybody (people in general) treated me while I was up there. They really showed a lot of interest in me. It was kind of overwhelming."

Seandre spoke very highly of Nashville and everything Vanderbilt University had to offer. However, one other highlight that stood out to him was having the opportunity to get acquainted with Coach Bobby Johnson and the rest of the Vanderbilt coaching staff.

"They really have a great coaching staff," Seandre said. "It's just not about the coaches wanting you to come up and play football, they want you to come up there and get an education first. It seems like they'll do everything to the best of their ability to help you get an education. That's why they have such a high graduation rate."

Now that we have came to the conclusion that Seandre is overly impressed with the academic portion of things, we asked the 6-2, 180 pound two-way star for his take on the athletic side. "I like the way they play their defense," Seandre. "Their defense seems kind of easy to pick up on. They like to do a lot with their secondary."

Richardson informed that he recently took his recruitment a step higher by narrowing down his choices to three schools. However, it is quite safe to say that the Commodores have solidified a spot amongst his top three, along with two ACC programs. "Vanderbilt, Clemson, and Duke are my top three choices right now," Seandre said. "They are recruiting me the most out of all the schools, and I have a great bond with the coaches from these schools. Anything can change, but they are my top three choices right now."

Although Seandre's visit to Vanderbilt was quite absorbing, he is not ready to pull the trigger. The Linden, Alabama native explains…"I want to visit all of the schools," Seandre said. "I don't want to just commit right now. I want to way out my options and make sure I am making the right decision. After visiting Duke and Clemson, hopefully I will be able to make my decision."

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