Father Ryan Junior hearing from Vanderbilt

He's an outstanding player, good enough that he was invited to the U.S. Army All-American Game Junior Combine. Although Sean Conway is awaiting that first offer his early favorites are Vanderbilt, Auburn, Tennessee and Penn State. Read on for more about this outstanding 2009 propsect.

Sean Conway Profile

Don Yates: What have you been up to in San Antonio?
Sean Conway: I was down there January 3-5. The first day was all registration, which took a little while. The second day was all the combine stuff, the running and the one-on-one drills and the third day we got to go to the All-American Bowl.

DY: How have you come out in the drills?
SC: I did really good; I was told I got a good time in the shuttle drill. I got to go against some of the top defensive linemen in the country; I think one guy has committed to Alabama.

DY: Did you school him?
SC: I did pretty good; almost.

DY: What kind of drills were there?
SC: The first half, before we ate lunch, was the forty-yard-dash, the shuttle drill and the vertical jump. Then we ate lunch and then in the afternoon we got to do one-on-one drills, stuff for the lineman.

DY: You guys did blocking drills and stuff like that?
SC: Yeah, sort of. We just had to move our feet and change directions and stuff like that.

DY: They are just trying to see how quick you are.
SC: Yes sir.

DY: Did you get a chance to talk to some of the guys who played in the game and get some tips from them on recruiting?
SC: No, I didn't. My plane left pretty close to when the game ended so we had to leave a little bit early.

DY: How many juniors were down there in this combine?
SC: I was told it was about 500 from across the nation.

DY: What makes you a great player?
SC: I think I'm pretty quick and I hit hard. I'm not going to back down from anybody.

DY: What positions do you play?
SC: I'm a guard and center.

DY: Do you play any defense?
SC: Yes, I'm a nose guard for my high school.

DY: What are you looking for in a college?
SC: A good football program and education.

DY: What are you planning on studying in college?
SC: I kind of want to be like a sports trainer but I'm not really sure yet.

DY: What schools have been in contact with you?
SC: Just Vanderbilt right now. A bunch of colleges have sent letters but they are just like little one page things.

DY: What are some of the schools that are sending you letters that you'd like to hear more from?
SC: I'd like to hear from Auburn, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. I guess the SEC schools.

DY: What schools did you root from growing up?
SC: My dad went to Penn State so that's one team I've always rooted for. I've been around Vanderbilt my whole life so I've always rooted for them.

DY: When did you first hear from Vanderbilt?
SC: I'm not really sure; it was a while ago. It was during the season because I got to go to the junior day for the Vanderbilt-Kentucky game. I guess it was about a month before that.

DY: How was your visit to Vanderbilt?
SC: It was fun. We got to tour a little bit of the campus and stuff and I got to meet Mr. Cain; he's pretty cool guy. I like him.

DY: What did he tell you as far as Vanderbilt recruiting you?
SC: He wanted to see my game tape and he said he'd call me back.

DY: If Vanderbilt offers you will you commit at that time?
SC: I hope they do. I'd have to give it a little thought but if they do that would be really great.

DY: What position did your dad play at Penn State?
SC: Linebacker.

DY: When did he play there?
SC: I'm not sure. I know he played there the first couple years and then transferred to Indiana.

DY: So you're not interested in Indiana?
SC: Well, I mean [laughs], I want to stay a little close to home.

DY: Indiana is actually not that far away. They are probably closer than Penn State. So your dad is originally from Pennsylvania?
SC: Yes sir, he was born and raised there. All my Uncles live up there.

DY: So have you gotten anything at all from Penn State.
SC: No sir.

DY: So how are you doing in the classroom?
SC: I'm doing pretty good. I have a 3.3 gpa.

DY: My wife wanted me to ask you what you like to eat to celebrate a win?
SC: I like all kinds of food. Whatever my friends are eating.

DY: So how is Father Ryan looking for next year?
SC: We are looking pretty good. We'll be all right; we'll make the playoffs.

DY: But will you beat MBA?
SC: I hope so. Everyone I talk to asks me that.

DY: When I was in high school in the 80s Father Ryan beat MBA almost every year. When will those days return? [laughs]
SC: They'll return.

DY: Father Ryan was a powerhouse in the 80s. I know MBA and Father Ryan have always been big rivals.

DY: Got any more camps in mind?
SC: Yes sir. I'm going to another combine in Atlanta, this March.

DY: Are you planning on doing Vandy's camp.
SC: Yes, I'm planning on it. I have to get some information on it.

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